May 14, 2012

Pizza pizza pizza pizza

May 14, 2012 - Categories: cooking, kaizen, life

DSC_3056We're settling into a routine of making pizza from scratch almost every week. It's relatively quick and easy to make. I use the basic bread dough recipe from Jamie Oliver's cookbook, "jamie's kitchen". W- prefers it when we make a double batch of dough with just one batch worth of yeast, and let the dough rise overnight. This results in these really puffy, bread-like pizza crusts.

After the dough rises, it takes me just an hour to prepare four pizzas. I divide the dough into four parts, forming them into rectangles by stretching and rolling them out. I use practically all of the baking sheets in the house. While the pizza crusts rise again, I chop and grate the rest of the ingredients. Assembly is quick and fun, although I still tend to err on the side of loading the pizza up with too much food. Baking takes twenty minutes per batch of two pizzas, and then we have plenty of pizza to eat through the week.

We're always looking for kid-friendly recipes that we can cook in bulk. Pizza is a great way to use up bits and pieces from the fridge: pepperoni, chicken, peppers, tomatoes, and so on. Other family go-to recipes include pasta and curry. Good to be able to make things ahead!

I moved the calendar to the fridge so that we can use it to plan the meals during the week. Another step towards even smoother everyday routines!

Sketchnotes: Jeremiah Owyang @ Third Tuesday Toronto (#3TYYZ) on the Social Business Hierarchy of Needs

May 14, 2012 - Categories: sketchnotes, social
20120514-jeremiah-owyang-third-tuesday-toronto Click on the image for a larger version or contact me for a high-res version (2608x1600px). Feel free to share this under the Creative Commons Attribution 3.0 licence. Lots of great research released under Creative Commons. Yay Jeremiah Owyang and Altimeter! Quick notes for searching, more later: Social business hierarchy of needs: Foundation –> Safety –> Formation –> Enablement –> Enlightenment If you like this, you might also like: Enjoy! Here's the text from the image to make it easier to search for: Jeremiah Owyang Third Tuesday Toronto: May 14, 2012 Sketchnotes: Sacha Chua (@sachac): untrained employees advanced companies prepare internally first ~180 accounts for average enterprise -only 25% active Social media mostly separate from rest of site/db Frequency of social media crises -exposure to poor customer experience -poor influencer relations -violation of ethical guidelines rogue employees Social sanitation Reinforcing bad behavior We're teaching them to yell at their friends. Constantly getting ahead of themselves. Advanced companies Social business hierarchy of needs 5 Englightenment 4 Enablement Empowerment scaling 3 Formation asset inventory Center of Excellence 2 Safety Team workflow Crisis prep 1 Foundation Policy Education required social media & communities Holistic Real-time Predictive Predict what customers are going to do Integrate into databases, etc. Build better products Tap employees self-serve hubs Chatteratti (EZE help, compensation) Social strategic internal communications tactic Governance Policy Guidelines Training important for scaling 10.8% Decentralized centralized 41% Hub and spoke sometimes on their behalf 18% Dandelion COE empowers business units 1.4% Holistic Safe & consistent (Best Buy, Zappos) I do customer support Team Aug. 11 1.5 social strategist 3 comm manager soc media manager 1 analyst 1.5 dev content strategist, emerging role -editorials, ex. journalists, comm agencies... Education -Executives -Strategists/Business units -all employees Access -Tools -Everyone has access & must be trained Listening centre some involving business unit centres triage -good -bad -ugly FireBell simulation of social media crisis Most crises: Friday afternoon Q&A: #3TYYZ -Analysis? CRM, Omniture (Adobe), SAS, Eloqua... A number of different directions. System integrators. -Adobe Social. Very bullish, if they can act like a small company. Paid, earned, owned media Also watch Lithium Technologies & bazaarvoice (300% ROI for ratings). New ad units, IBM social metrics. -Soc media correlations? Social loyalty (people are loyal to each other), gamifications. C-suite: Novelty, fear, potential for new business models. any data company stands to gain early in the space, lots of experimentations -Social software: Combrian explosion. Lots of duplicate companies, VCs investing in clones Best-in-class will probably connect with each other. -Startup? Yes, but you can go through steps faster. Our research focuses on enterprise, but can still help. -Soc media agencies? Ads right now. May need to restructure. Everything starts with earned. -Disclosure? Vendors unlikely. Agencies making tech-agnostic methodologies. -Facebook fans? Loose affinity. Facebook wants people to pay. -Product is info? Utility, etc. Go up a level: Lifestyle, workstyle. G8, IBM. Get clients to tell stories. See banks for examples. Orsten in.