December 2, 2012

Sketchnotes: Angel Hack Toronto pitches!

December 2, 2012 - Categories: sketchnotes

Sketchnotes from today’s pitch afternoon – 62 2-minute pitches from the different teams in Angel Hack Toronto. Lots of great stuff! Feel free to share these visual summaries under the Creative Commons Attribution License.

20121202 AngelHack 1 20121202 AngelHack 2 20121202 AngelHack 3 20121202 AngelHack 4

See the AngelHack Toronto presentation list for links to short descriptions.

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Weekly review: Week ending November 30, 2012

December 2, 2012 - Categories: weekly

Lots of sketchnoting last week and this week! =D

From last week’s plans


  • [X] Earn: H: Revise presentation
  • [X] Earn: H: Send invoice
  • [X] Earn: H: Give presentation
  • [X] Earn: E1: Wrap up consulting before December break
  • [X] Build: Attend art class
  • [X] Build: Sketchnote content marketing webinar
  • [X] Build: Learn about launching online businesses
  • [X] Connect: Have lunch with Scott and Nolin, discuss sketchnotes
  • [X] Connect: Attend Awesome Foundation pitch night
  • [X] Connect: Sketchnote Entrepreneurship 101
  • Build: Improved scheduling process
  • Build: Learned more about using Trello to manage my tasks
  • Earn: Added more logos to Lean Startup Day template
  • Build: Flesh out sketchnoting business idea
  • Earn: E1: Signed contract extension and submitted it
  • Connect: Helped mom with copyediting “About Us”
  • Build: Cleaned up web host files
  • Earn: Deposited cheques, yay!
  • Connect: Discussed sketchnotes with Alex Chong
  • Build: Sorted out tax instalments


  • [X] Cook a lot!
  • [X] Spend time together relaxing
  • [X] Put package together for family – to mail on Tuesday


  • [X] Attend women’s self-defense course

Plans for next week


  • [ ] Earn: Sketchnote MaRS Lean Startup Day
  • [ ] Earn: E1: Check in on theme, prepare performance improvements (Tue)
  • [ ] Earn: Talk to N regarding sketchnotes (Wed)
  • [X] Connect: Sketchnote AngelHackTO
  • [ ] Connect: Attend Dan Roam’s lecture at Rotman (Tue)
  • [ ] Connect: Attend Toronto Holiday Tech Social (Tue)
  • [ ] Connect: Reconnect with Curtis Voisin (Wed)
  • [ ] Connect: Reconnect with Sharon Sehdev about connecting (Fri)
  • [ ] Connect: Talk to Gary Wolf about delegation
  • [ ] Build: Revisit scribing course
  • [ ] Build: Document sketchnote workflow some more
  • [ ] Build: Get ready for business brainstorming sessions


  • [ ] Go to krav fitness class on Thursday
  • [ ] Attend Eric Boyd’s birthday party
  • [X] Cook a ton of food and restock the freezer


  • [ ] Go for a nice long walk (1-2 hours)
  • [ ] Finally sit down and write those monthly reviews