Sleep as Android

Following W-‘s example (I’m such a copycat!), I’ve been trying out a few sleep-related applications on my phone. I get more sleep than he does and my schedule is pretty flexible, but I figure that an app might let me swap out the diminishing returns of sleeping in for some extra discretionary time. For a while, I ran Sleep as Android in parallel with SleepBot, and I also tried each of them separately. I used a sturdy, extra-long USB cable to charge my phone, and I slept with my phone under my pillow.

Both apps seem to agree with each other on the motion they detect, and they also appear to do a decent job of distinguishing between my motion and W-‘s motion (we have different-looking graphs). I’m not sure if there’s a significant difference, but I prefer Sleep as Android’s timing, so I bought it after the trial ended.

I also like Sleep as Android’s way of gradually waking me up with short buzzes, gradually leading up to an audio alarm. I like buzzes because they feel more discreet. I don’t have to feel guilty about interrupting W-‘s sleep.  They also don’t lead to overexposure to whatever tones I picked for my alarm. I’d previously used the built-in Medieval Jaunt and songs like Shonen Knife’s Cookie Day, and those still result in an odd tug on my concentration whenever I hear them.

I’m still not keen on morning meetings, but I can make them with less grumbling now!

  • Kerem Karasu

    I’d like to test out Sleep as Android as well but my phone is old and it’s socket periodically releases the charging cable, which would lead to an empty battery at the time when I’d need my phone to wake me up. On top of that, I think I wouldn’t even hear my phones alarm under my pillow. Glad it works for you though.

  • Tongjie Chen

    What a coincidence, I am using this software too. But I put it beside my pillow. You can find some interesting configuration under the “smart wake up”.

    • Hah, I was wondering why I put it under my pillow instead of beside (less stress on the cable if you’re not sleeping on top of it!), and I realized it was to muffle the notification lights. It turns out Android’s sleep mode can mute notification lights, though, so that should take care of it!