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planner index

It should be easy to modify the WikiIndex so that it splits planner entries off and provides a link to today’s entry… I might event want to double-publish today as PlannerToday.

locked out of the dorm

Pfft. Got locked out of the dorm. The guard doesn’t seem to be in the
lobby, so I guess she’s walking around inspecting the room. That’s
what I get for stubbornly trying to track down that pesky PlannerMode
and EmacsWiki interaction problem. For some reason, my
emacs-publish-batch isn’t doing the right thing. I’ll worry about that
over the weekend. But I’m only a minute late…


Emacs Wiki index needs a function to say whether a planner page should be indexed or not..

philo notes

After philosophy class ended, a number of my classmates asked me to
send my notes to them. Apparently, the fact that I get
near-transcriptions of Fr. David’s speeches (verbatim if I’m not
distracted and he pauses often). I am surprised to see that my notes
have reached 256K. I sent them a URL to my planner-managed site at, of course.

planner day links

I’d like to add planner day links for previous day entry (might not be yesterday) and next day entry (might not be today).

emacspeak and IRC — linux

I am beginning to realize just how wonderful speech is. I’ve added
dtk-speak to erc-insert-pre-hook, and I can listen to #linuxhelp while
browsing through Arendt. Maybe I shouldn’t be doing it, but it’s so
much fun…