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Henceforth, all of my dressy clothes will be either white or black - something I can either bleach or dye the heck out of just in case it gets stained. Either that, or they should be cheap but wonderful. =)

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Hacked another T-shirt

I simply can't resist wordplay when it comes to hacking T-shirts. The bright orange T-shirt I bought at the Wireless Toronto anniversary party has, now, well, wires - or laces, at least. It laces up the back with strips cut from the T-shirt. (I didn't have spare CAT5 lying around...) Like most shirts, the armholes were way too big, so I cut a panel down the back and used that as a bandeau under the rest of the shirt. The panel was just a _bit_ too short, so I laced that one up in front, too.

Yes, yes, a picture's worth a thousand words, but I seem to have left the cable for my camera at the lab. That said, I have a totally small-time studio now: one warm light (from Ikea), a plastic tripod ($3 at Active Surplus), and a camera set to manual + timer...

If I had a remote and a full-length mirror, that would be even cooler. That way, I could trigger the timer while making sure I'm in frame.

Anyway, I had a lot of fun making the shirt. I'm thinking of making short vidcasts showing my different hacked-up computer shirts and talking a little bit about the events/technologies behind them. =) (If only to show everyone that yes, you can be a geek _and_ still have fun being a girl!)

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Random Japanese sentence: うちは黒1匹、白2匹で、3匹の猫を飼っている。 We keep three cats, a black one and two white ones.

Pink and frilly

I gave a talk at IBM on a few cool technologies that interns should know about: blogging, social bookmarking, and the corporate directory. I dressed up a little for it. I changed as soon as I got home, of course, trading the pinstripe blazer and skirt for a thoroughly pink and frilly outfit consisting of a T-shirt, a miniskirt (hello, Kathy!), pink socks trimmed with lace, and red shoes.

Sometimes you just have to let loose. =)

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Random Japanese sentence: 私は猫を家の外に出した。 I let the cat out of the house.

All kitted out with U of T logowear

It's a good thing that the campus bookstore had a sale on clothing and other school items, as I needed to pick up a few things. I don't mind advertising things I like, and the university has been very good to me. Besides, it's a great way to start conversation at the CHI conference I'm going to next week.

I splurged on a pink-and-white zip-up hoodie with "University of Toronto" written across the zippered front. It was expensive, but I'll get more wear out of it than out of the T-shirts, at least while I'm in a temperate country.

And I picked up a corduroy miniskirt, too! Why does U of T have small corduroy miniskirts with the school name on them?

We really should have cute IML T-shirts. I'd wear an IML baby-tee. The Google shirt I'm wearing right now fits quite nicely.

Anyway, I have to plan my backpack for next week's trip. I'm bringing cookies. When I went to Cambridge, I made it through a week with my backpack, but I ended up leaving my plastic containers behind. Maybe I can just wrap up the plastic containers nicely and give them a tin each. David and Jonathan are Cool People, and definitely deserve cookies. =)

I _might_ bring the red malong if I have space. It's very versatile, and I'd love to wear it at least once just to bring a little flavor to the conference.

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Random Japanese sentence: 猫はじゅうたんをひっかき始めた。 The cat started scratching to scratch the carpet.