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Web2.0 goodness

I had a wonderful chat with Luis Buenaventura of and a gazillion other sites. =) Amazing, amazing. He's a Fine Arts guy who taught himself how to code in PHP, and he's not only doing the usual web design stuff but also thinking of how to build new businesses. We chatted about Javascript versus Flash for the Adphoto portfolio viewer, stock photography, and web hosting. For my part, I gave him an idea for a new game-oriented website. Now all he needs is a name...

He's a heck of a hacker. I need to introduce him to Paolo Venegas. They'd get along. =)

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Javascript or Flash?

I've been thinking about the Adphoto portfolio viewer. As nice and, well, flashy as a Flash portfolio viewer would be, it might also be good to have a simple Javascript one, just in case (gasp!) someone who doesn't have Flash installed is browsing around. Well, ideally, we'd have both versions _and_ a static HTML one, but it's easier for me to hack together something in Javascript (yikes) than it is for me to do something in Flash, given that I don't have Macromedia Flash MX.

So, on to the Javascript crossplatform libraries...

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360′ virtual tours

How do real-estate websites show 360' virtual tours of their spaces? I spent part of the afternoon looking at software for possible business use. Here's how they do it, I think.

*Take photos.* First take super-wide-angle shots, rotating your camera around a fixed point. A number of stores sell fisheye lenses and camera mounts for this purpose. The mount for spherical pictures (all directions, including up and down) is more complicated than the mount for a 360' panoramic shot. If you don't mind distortion, then you can use a regular camera and just take pictures facing different directions, relying on stitching software to compensate a bit for the distortion.

*Stitch the pictures.* Camera designed specifically for 360' or spherical shots may be able to capture the entire scene in one image. However, if you're using a rotating mount or you're taking pictures in different directions, then you'll need to combine the images into a seamless panorama by using stitching software.

*Produce the brochure.* 360' viewers range from simple ones that smoothly scroll a panoramic picture, to more interactive viewers that include floor plans and clickable hotspots in the image. Choose the software that fits your intended purpose and budget.

Some companies that sell 360' software:

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Creating thumbnails with Imagemagick

Creating proper thumbnails in Photoshop was a mission and a half. I found a handy Imagemagick incantation for thumbnails. Here's the one I'll use to create 400x400 centered thumbnails for the photo gallery.

convert -size 400x400 sacha-20051201.jpg -thumbnail '400x400>' -bordercolor black -border 200 -gravity center -crop 400x400+0+0 +repage test.jpg

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Weekly review: Week ending July 5, 2009

Goodness gracious, completely missed a week there.

From the previous week's plans:
  • Handle any issues in the Transition2 roll-out (seems pretty okay for now, looks like our lessons learned from last phase did the trick)
  • Get ready for next two assignments
  • Prepare presentations
  • Blog thoughts
  • Take pictures of sewing projects and garden
  • Document lessons learned
Plans for following week (which is why this blog post was so delayed!)
  • travel to Ottawa for planning meeting
  • sort out more Transition2-related bugs