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Krav and Evil Dead

Sunday sessions of krav maga are cancelled because the gym is being used for "Evil Dead - the Musical". Thoughts of singing zombies lurched through my head. ;)

Singing zombies. Heh.

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We hiked part of the Bruce Trail near Caledon this morning. We started at Belfountain and hiked east toward the Forks of the Credit River trail, but it was closed due to construction. We saw the waterfall, though, and had an... interesting... detour picking up the trail again after we lost it on the way back. Hooray for boots and mossy rocks on steep inclines. =)

I enjoyed feeling the ground yield beneath my hiking boots. Walking on paved sidewalks all the time is just not the same as getting out there. The weather was pleasantly cool, and the mosquitoes hadn't yet clogged the air. What I liked the most, though, was chatting with W and J about the different things we saw along the path—the blue blazes, the trees, the pine needles that covered the forest floor—and the stories that connected with them.

I saw a garter snake sunning itself beside a rock. W had mentioned that he'd never seen a snake, so I pointed out the garter snake to W and J: a little black and white striped snake that slithered away before I could take a picture of it.

What a wonderful day: conversation, nature, physical exercise, cooperative problem-solving, and most of all, the weaving of old stories and new experiences into new stories.

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We sometimes do high-five pushups during krav maga exercise/self-defense classes. I haven't gone in a while, but feeling an itch to do something active today, I decided to do some of the warmups. This time, however, I incorporated the book that I was reading. For example, I turned the high-five pushups into page-turn pushups, turning the pages with one hand. I did leg raises while reading, situps while reading, side leg raises while reading... you get the picture. This made the exercises a little more interesting.

Hmm, maybe I should revive my iPod and speech-synthesize some text files...

I still haven't worked up a sweat. It would be better to do this in clothes that I don't mind sweating in. I did manage to get my heart rate up, though.

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