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Must be a better way to reserve books at the library

I'm going on another reading spree, this time on relationship marketing.

At some point in time, I will be annoyed enough to write a non-(mouse and pageload)-intensive way to say "Request all selected books and have them delivered to my nearest branch."

Argh. Little inefficiencies like that annoy me. That is so getting hacked. Probably during CASCON, even.

Random Emacs symbol: Info-edit - Command: Edit the contents of this Info node.

Raided the library

Having discovered the joys of the online book request system, I raided the library for 22 books on various topics including networking. Mwahahaha! I could barely restrain my glee. Kid in a candy store, really...

Props to Wayne Young for helping me get all those books to Graduate House! =) He's awesome.

Bookmarklet for the Toronto Public Library

Thanks to Simon Ditner for this totally cool bookmarklet!

Did Dan mention the bookmarklet creator compatible with the TPL? This will suck up ISBN numbers on a page (i.e. Amazon), and search the TPL catalog:

Library Lookup bookmarklet

Created from:

(Awwww, he reads my blog! ^_^)

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