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Book recommendation: Light Their Fire

Drake, Gulman and Roberts. 2005. Light Their Fire. Dearborn: Chicago, IL.

Light Their Fire shows the importance of internal marketing as
a way of filling employees with enthusiasm. When employees are
positively passionate about the company, they deliver awesome customer
service. It contains tips on how to spread good news and bad news.
Make a big deal of good news. Kick your celebration up a notch to make
employees feel terrific. If you have to share bad news, make sure
you’re prompt and honest and address people’s anxieties. The book also
has tips on using training as a form of internal marketing and
social-network building. Well worth a read for managers and corporate
communication types, particularly combined with the Better Than
book I read recently.

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Book recommendation: The Ten-Minute Trainer

Bowman. 2005. The Ten-Minute Trainer. Pfeiffer.

Training shouldn’t be hour-long lectures that bore people who are more
used to television’s ten-minute chunks of content. The book The
Ten-Minute Trainer
is full of ideas for quick one- and five-minute
activities that you can use in between chunks of content to connect
participants, introduce or reinforce what you’re teaching, and liven
up your next training session. I took so many notes while reading it
because it just kept giving me all these wonderful ideas for
workshops. I’m looking forward to trying these things out!

I’m giving a workshop on blogging at the Mesh conference, and I can’t
wait to use the exercises described in this book to help the
conference participants really make the most of their time. =)

Two thumbs up. Every trainer and teacher should at least leaf through
this book.

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Eoin Colfer!

We picked up four volumes in Eoin Colfer’s totally awesome fiction
series, Artemis Fowl. I had fallen in love with the series thanks to
the audiobooks (thank you, Toronto Public Library!), and finding the
hardcover books on the bargain table under the heading “What to Read
After Harry Potter” was like finding the LEP recon officer at the end
of the rainbow. ;)

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Buying books

I confess: I went to Chapters today with the sole intention of finding
a book to give to a good friend, and… and… I couldn’t help it! I
found myself buying not only a hardbound book for the friend
(appropriately entitled, “Surrounded by Geniuses”) and two hardbound
books for myself: “The 4-Hour Work Week” and “Automatic Wealth for
Grads”. The 4 Hour Work Week had been recommended to me by a number of
people. The book was published this year, and I didn’t want to wait
for the library to pick up a copy. The Automatic Wealth book looks
like a rehash of the usual advice, but maybe I’ll pick up something
from it anyway.

I like books. I like books a lot. And I’m starting to realize that
even with the Toronto Public Library being absolutely wonderful, I’m
still going to want to buy books—especially newly-published books,
preferably *before* everyone starts talking about them. I’m also
starting to realize that, like the advice I’ve read in a number of
books, hardbound books really *do* feel different. I need to think
about that a bit more. Maybe it’s just the writers’ bias rubbing off
on me.

But yes. Books. I confess: even with the public library and the
Internet, I still can’t help buying books.

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Reading books

I’m curled up in front of the fireplace, writing on my laptop as W- and J- read books. We’ve just come back from a trip to the library, and I brought back eight books that I’m looking forward to reading. I’ve started on a whole ‘nother reading tear, this time about storytelling. My current source for book recommendations? LibraryThing. In particular, the catalogs of people like victors (2211 books!) provide me with plenty of great titles for topics like storytelling. Tip: find mavens and read everything they read. ;)

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Book triage

Okay. 31 books. 15 days. Plus all the writing I still need to do. I
may have made a bit of a miscalculation. No problem, it’s the library,
I can always renew or request books.

The only books I probably won’t be able to renew are

  • Open an Online Business in 10 Days
  • Money Can Buy Happiness
  • The Mid-Career Success Guide
  • Make Your Contacts Count (2nd ed)
  • How to Photograph Absolutely Everything

(Yes, I wander all over…)

I can do that. =)

One of these days, I’m going to revise my OPAC reminder script to also
automatically deactivate all of my requests once I go over a certain
number of books… ;)

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