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Weekly review: Week ending November 13, 2015

That was a very full week. Lots of coding!

The Toronto Public Library sent some pre-hackathon resources before the weekend’s event. I had fun going through the CSVs and data feeds available on the hackathon data page. The XML file was a little unwieldy and undocumented (20GB uncompressed), so I wrote a few scripts to explore the data. I’m looking forward to digging into that catalogue snapshot over the next few weeks, when things settle down a bit more.

I added some code to my Emacs config to make it easier to create, select, and clock in on tasks. Actually, most of the code was already there, I’d just forgotten it existed. As a result of the code, I’ve been tracking my time and planning my days in even more detail. It’s neat to have the task-level reminders of what I was working on that day, not just the high-level categories I’d been tracking through Quantified Awesome.

I’ve been updating the EmacsWiki too, thanks to requests from johnw and other community members. It’s nice to organize information and flesh out notes.

In terms of consulting, I’ve been working with NodeJS and Angular. Angular programming was a bit slow in the beginning since I hadn’t used it in a while, but every time I try it out, I become a little more comfortable with it. I’ve been getting the hang of using Jasmine to write automated tests for my command-line tools, too, which is a handy practice.

I sewed another peasant top, since they’re so comfortable. A couple more, and I’ll be set for the week.

Social-wise, I’m still feeling rather introverted. I’m okay with that, though, and I don’t want to push myself too far.

I tilted the balance towards work and coding a lot more this week. It was great for momentum, although I ended up being a little tired afterwards. Maybe something in between would be good. I felt like I didn’t get a lot of sleep, although my time records say I did. Maybe it was more about having a series of morning appointments? Anyway, something to play with next week. I’ll take this week a little easier, I think.

2015-11-16c Week ending 2015-11-13 -- index card #journal #weekly output

Blog posts


Focus areas and time review

  • Business (37.8h – 22%)
    • Earn (32.1h – 84% of Business)
      • Rewrite to use pg backend
    • Build (4.7h – 12% of Business)
      • Drawing (2.6h)
      • Paperwork (0.0h)
      • Learn how to do a geographic visualization
      • Investigate library xml dump
      • Braindump: exploring neighbourhood libraries, and other notes from the Toronto Public Library Hackathon
      • Convert to client-side code
    • Connect (0.9h – 2% of Business)
  • Relationships (6.8h – 4%)
    • Have dimsum with family
    • Meet with M
  • Discretionary – Productive (8.1h – 4%)
    • Emacs (4.0h – 2% of all)
      • Organize Emacs Hangout
      • Update missing podcast episode
      • Do another Emacs News review
      • Set up Emacs News mailing list
      • Set up hydra for quick logging of Quantified Awesome things
      • Burn backup of Emacsconf videos
      • Figure out what’s going on with my org mode HTML export and targets
      • Update CUSTOM_ID in my config
      • Host Emacs Hangout
    • Rake leaves
    • Check out Stoic Week
    • Memorize Latin pronouns
    • Brainstorm improvements for fuzzy brain
    • Renew pet licence
    • Set up rsync backup
    • Sewing (2.1h)
    • Writing (1.2h)
  • Discretionary – Play (18.2h – 10%)
  • Personal routines (26.2h – 15%)
  • Unpaid work (8.0h – 4%)
  • Sleep (62.9h – 37% – average of 9.0 per day)

Weekly review: Week ending November 6, 2015

It was warmer and sunnier than usual, which felt great. Lots of long walks, and even a sunny afternoon on the deck.

More interactions with people, too. I made it out to Hacklab and helped with Tuesday’s dinner. On Friday, another friend dropped by and we went for a walk in the park.

Lots of coding this week. More progress on the scraper I’ve been working on, and some ideas for other prototypes my clients want me to build. Whee! Some fun on the Emacs front, too. I finally set up org-protocol, and I’m looking forward to playing with more integration points.

I filed my corporate taxes, yay! I’d done most of the figuring out in September before my fiscal year end, so it was mostly a matter of updating the numbers with the final statements from the bank and doublechecking all the calculations before submitting it to the government. Looks like everything’s good.

I might tilt the balance towards consulting a little bit more over the next couple of months. There are a few projects that might be interesting to pull off, and the team would probably find them very helpful. I can move the time from things like Latin and sewing, which I can reduce without much of a tradeoff.


2015-11-08b Week ending 2015-11-06 -- index card #journal #weekly output

Blog posts


Focus areas and time review

  • Business (24.9h – 14%)
    • Earn (13.0h – 52% of Business)
      • Prepare invoice
      • Do monthly data dump
      • Start second scraper
      • Draft browsing interface
    • Build (8.4h – 33% of Business)
      • Drawing (0.0h)
      • Paperwork (2.5h)
        • Include September bank statements
        • Do Paypal USD conversion
        • Do HST quicktax calculation
        • Credit personal amounts
        • Doublecheck prepaid expenses
        • Write reimbursement cheque
        • Finalize return
        • File federal return
        • File HST return
        • Set up quarterly payments
    • Connect (3.5h – 14% of Business)
  • Relationships (9.3h – 5%)
    • Have dimsum with family
    • Hang out with Jen
  • Discretionary – Productive (12.3h – 7%)
    • Emacs (2.8h – 1% of all)
      • Do another Emacs review
      • Set up a nested hydra
      • Play with melpa stats
      • Update missing podcast episode
    • Sewing (1.2h)
    • Writing (1.4h)
    • Check out Stoic Week
    • Update Quantified Awesome goals
    • Rake leaves
    • Investigate library xml dump
    • Check out Stoic Week
    • Do another Emacs review
  • Discretionary – Play (26.0h – 15%)
  • Personal routines (21.0h – 12%)
  • Unpaid work (9.4h – 5%)
  • Sleep (66.1h – 39% – average of 9.4 per day)

Weekly review: Week ending October 30, 2015

This was a good week for making things. I coded a bunch of patterns and capabilities in the Python-based sewing pattern generator I’ve been tinkering around with. Now that I can easily rescale patterns and set measurements from the command-line, I can create paper models to test ideas. It was fun doing the math for rotating points and doing simple dart manipulation, too. In addition to programming, I also finished the mass production phase of one of my sewing projects. Yay!

Good cooking this week, too. We tried this General Tsao Chicken recipe – our first time to double-fry – and it was yummmmmy. I made a pan of lasagna, too.

The Latin 101 video course I’d checked out from the library turned out to have a few errors in the guidebook, so I’ve been using a combination of that and Wheelock’s Latin for practice. It’s fun feeling things start to make sense.

W- and I started a new playthrough of Borderlands 2, the shooter/RPG we’ve been playing for a few months now. We picked different characters, so we’ve been adapting to the new playstyles required.

Some fuzziness and tiredness, but such is life. Taking it easy. =)

2015-11-01b Week ending 2015-10-30 -- index card #journal #weekly output

Blog posts


Link round-up

  • Business (29.7h – 17%)
    • Earn (10.0h – 33% of Business)
      • Attend scraper meeting
      • Prepare invoice
    • Build (13.3h – 44% of Business)
      • Drawing (1.0h)
      • Paperwork (0.4h)
        • Include September bank statements
        • Finalize return
    • Connect (6.3h – 21% of Business)
  • Relationships (3.1h – 1%)
  • Discretionary – Productive (16.4h – 9%)
    • Emacs (2.6h – 1% of all)
      • Do another Emacs review
      • Do another Emacs review
    • Sewing (5.0h)
      • Add scale to tmtp
      • Try papercraft tmtp with my measurements
      • Programmatically rescaling and manipulating the darts in sewing patterns
      • Add SVG splitter to tmtp
      • Add seam allowances to tmtp
      • Sanity-check with someone else’s basic bodice block instructions
      • Python + sewing: Making basic shapes and splitting up larger patterns
      • Circle skirt pattern
      • Box tote pattern
      • Sew box tote prototype
    • Writing (2.0h)
    • Do a chapter of Wheelock’s Latin
    • Send in form
  • Discretionary – Play (17.1h – 10%)
  • Personal routines (30.7h – 18%)
  • Unpaid work (9.9h – 5%)
  • Sleep (61.1h – 36% – average of 8.7 per day)

Weekly review: Week ending October 23, 2015

This was an excellent week for learning. W- bought a small riveter in order to fix the rake, and he showed me how to use it. Whee!

In terms of sewing, I learned a different way of attaching collar stands and stitching hems. I experimented with making a long-sleeved peasant blouse, too. I like short sleeves more (long sleeves get in the way of washing dishes and things like that) but it was a good thing to try.

I’ve been going through the Latin 101 course by Prof. Hans-Friedrich Mueller. The first three noun conjugations are starting to make sense to me now, hooray! Unfortunately, the guidebook turns out to have quite a few errors. I ran into a couple of mislabeled exercises in Chapter 12, and there doesn’t seem to be an errata page. I was thinking of flagging the ones listed in this review with sticky notes so that I don’t get confused by them when I come across them in the book, but maybe it’s better for me to just switch to Wheelock’s Latin.

I had fun getting together with former coworkers, chatting about business and social trends over breakfast at Sunset Grill.

There was hail last Saturday, and the weather’s been cooling down. Fall colours everywhere, too. I bought a new pair of winter boots, since my old ones were leaking. The online reviews are mixed, but we’ll see what my experience with them is.

Next week, I’m looking forward to more Emacs, more sewing, more code, and more learning. Yay!

2015-10-25a Week ending 2015-10-23 -- index card #journal #weekly


Blog posts


Focus areas and time review

  • Business (25.3h – 15%)
    • Earn (20.7h – 82% of Business)
      • Continue scraper work
    • Build (2.7h – 10% of Business)
      • Drawing (2.7h)
      • Paperwork (0.0h)
        • Finalize return
    • Connect (1.9h – 7% of Business)
  • Relationships (5.5h – 3%)
  • Discretionary – Productive (24.7h – 14%)
    • Emacs (1.3h – 0% of all)
      • 2015-10-18 Emacs link round-up
      • Fix How to Read Emacs Lisp
      • Do another Emacs review
    • Sewing (11.0h)
    • Writing (2.7h)
  • Discretionary – Play (3.1h – 1%)
  • Personal routines (31.8h – 18%)
  • Unpaid work (13.9h – 8%)
  • Sleep (63.7h – 37% – average of 9.1 per day)

Weekly review: Week ending October 16, 2015

Way more consulting than normal this week, helping the clients with reports and prototypes. Good stuff! I think I’m starting to get the hang of Q.defer() and promises in asynchronous Javascript. I also got around to getting Selenium working with both Chrome and Internet Explorer, so that should open up even more doors for automation. Yay!

The Emacs Hangout was lots of fun too. =) It’s great to have a place where people can chat about cool stuff they’re learning or working on.

This week was a good one for cooking: cheesecake and egg tarts for the Thanksgiving get-together, Japanese curry and pesto for dinners at home, and other little things here and there. Nice to get back into the swing of things.

2015-10-17b Week ending 2015-10-16 -- index card #journal #weekly output

Blog posts


Focus areas and time review

  • Business (37.3h – 22%)
    • Earn (31.9h – 85% of Business)
      • Earn: E1: 1-2 days of consulting
      • Earn: E1: 1-2 days of consulting
    • Build (5.4h – 14% of Business)
      • Drawing (5.3h)
      • Paperwork (0.0h)
    • Connect (0.0h – 0% of Business)
  • Relationships (5.7h – 3%)
  • Discretionary – Productive (13.7h – 8%)
    • Emacs (2.3h – 1% of all)
      • Re-cut wasamasa’s lightning talk on Emacs graphics
    • Sewing (5.8h)
    • Writing (0.9h)
      • Decision review: Mid-range phone (Motorola G)
    • Gather requirements for Philippine paperwork
  • Discretionary – Play (5.8h – 3%)
  • Personal routines (28.9h – 17%)
  • Unpaid work (11.1h – 6%)
  • Sleep (65.5h – 38% – average of 9.4 per day)

Weekly review: Week ending October 9, 2015

Last week was an excellent week for sewing. Thanks to Youtube videos, I learned how to replace the zipper on one of W-‘s jackets. It was a good opportunity to swap out the Velcro for snaps, too. For good measure, I added snaps to a bunch of other things as well. Level up!

It was also a good week for long walks. I walked all the way downtown, picking up some fabric and food along the way.

I finally got around to digging into organizational chart visualizations with d3. Looking forward to making the visualizations more interactive and sharing them with my client.


2015-10-16a Week ending 2015-10-09 -- index card #journal #weekly output

Blog posts


Focus areas and time review

  • Business (14.4h – 8%)
    • Earn (11.7h – 80% of Business)
    • Build (2.8h – 19% of Business)
      • Drawing (2.2h)
      • Paperwork (0.6h)
    • Connect (0.0h – 0% of Business)
  • Relationships (0.0h – 0%)
  • Discretionary – Productive (21.7h – 12%)
    • Emacs (0.0h – 0% of all)
    • Sewing (16.6h)
    • Writing (3.8h)
  • Discretionary – Play (13.8h – 8%)
  • Personal routines (48.6h – 28%)
  • Unpaid work (10.1h – 5%)
  • Sleep (59.4h – 35% – average of 8.5 per day)