Virtual Hangouts

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July 17, 2013 (Wednesday) 8:30 PM EDT Google+ Hangout YouTube streaming URLThings I'm currently working on: preparing for my 30th birthday, thinking about business/experiments, planning Emacs/Quantified Self/visual thinking meetups and resources If you'd like your name to appear on your video, use the Hangout Toolbox on the left side and enable Lower Third (there's a toggle that you need to flip to on.) 2013-07-17 20_08_52-Google+ Hangouts
I'd love to get to know folks and help people learn whatever I can. =) Bring your stories, questions, answers, and tips.


#3: July 17 8:30PM EDT


#2: July 3, 9:00 PM Philippine Time (GMT+8) / 1 PM GMT / 9 AM EDT - (Notes) #1: June 19, 2013 8PM EDT - (Notes)   Virtual hangouts? It turns out that virtually hanging out with people–no pre-planned presentation, not even a fully-tested understanding of the platform, and only the roughest idea of an agenda–can be totally awesome. Not at all as scary as I’d imagined, and more fun than I thought it could be! Let's experiment. =)
  • Looking forward to this. I meant to talk to you at the Stanford QS conference – but missed that opportunity. I did see your preso though. Good stuff.