TODL, variation on LISP for cyborgs

From Joe Corneli ([email protected])
Subject Re: displaying one character per line.
To help-gnu-emacs ([email protected])
Date Tue Feb 24 03:47:55 2004 +0800

I want to be able to switch between different list views of a document. For example, one might want to look at a text document as a list of characters, a list of words, a list of phonemes, a list (tree) of syntactic clauses, a list of sentences, or a list of topic sentences that link to paragraphs, etc. Characters just happen to be the simplest.

This is part of designing a mode I call todl-mode (for TODo List). TODL is a variation on LISP specially designed for cyborgs :). The idea is that if you can switch between different list views and add hyperlinks to elements of each view, you will have a very powerful tool for processing information.

I think of it as being somewhere in between lisp-mode, emacs-wiki-mode, and something like outline-mode. It should be possible to implement a TODL variant for any kind of code (so todl-mode is also something like font-lock-mode).

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