I just got an Android phone

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Thanks to W’s fine research and comparison shopping, I bought an Android phone off Craigslist. I’ve just installed Tasker and a whole bunch of other apps, and I can’t wait to try all sorts of experiments. I’m looking forward to mobile development, too! (… and yes, MobileOrg was one of the first things I installed… =) )

  • Can you elaborate which make and model you got?

  • Welcome to the world of Android, dear! :D

  • Simon Law

    My magic Picasa inspection powers tells me that she got a Nexus One.

    Welcome to a very exclusive club. ;-)

  • How is MobileOrg? Kind of curious to hear a review before I install it for some reason.

  • MobileOrg is cool. =) I’ll figure out how to sync it with Dropbox sometime – the setup was easier on the iPod Touch – but being able to capture quick notes and navigate my Org hierarchy is wonderful. I might help with some bugs regarding soft keyboards, but overall, I like it. (And it’s open source!)

    Now if someone could just port John Wiegley’s ledger program, I’ll be all set with my quirky text-based toolkit. ;) Might be a fun way to learn Android development…

  • Yeah, I had some problems setting up MobileOrg that were exacerbated by work blocking Dropbox.

    so, are you going to ditch toodledo now that you have mobileorg?