Monthly review: January 2011

2011 was off to a great start. Lots of Drupal work, a conference, and a new project lined up. I started an internal project using Drupal 7, which is pretty cool. I got into the rhythm of making bread every week and of baking larger batches of food to share. I made time for some things I’d been procrastinating, and I had fun. I’ve been reading more books that analyze everyday life, and I’ve been having fun using those perspectives to examine my life. Good stuff.

Plans for January:


  • [X] Finish Project M
  • [X] Finish Project S
  • [-] Start new project – Finished the month with Lotusphere, lined up a project for return


  • [-] Host get-together – Postponed to February
  • [-] Send delayed holiday cards – Oops!
  • [-] Get into the habit of meeting people – Must work on this


  • [X] Improve my routines: set aside time for drawing, sewing, and making presentations
  • [-] Post goals – Wrote goals, haven’t posted them

Plans for February:


  • [X] Work on new project
  • [X] Put together talks for Deeper Insight, Remote Presentations That Rock, and the ITSC
  • [X] Mentor more people


  • [X] Organize get-together
  • [X] Get visa and arrange travel details


  • [X] Write up more reflections




Geek stuff


2011-02-05 Sat 17:44

  • Cate

    I can be a checkbox on the meeting people! We should definitely have tea or something. I’ve been travelling so much to and from Toronto airport but still haven’t made it to Toronto itself. How about in March?