Weekly review: Week ending February 25, 2011

From last week's plans

  • Work
    • [X] Sketch ITSC keynote by David Zach
    • [X] Give ITSC keynote on networking
    • [X] Learn about ECM and web services
    • [X] Follow up on documents of understanding
    • [X] Put together Idea Lab resources
    • Exported Social Business Jam discussions into spreadsheets and did a lot of data analysis - collaborating with Brandon Anderson, Michael Muller
    • Accepted invite to tweetchat with Paul Gillen (#infoboom) on the value of blogging
    • Got started on blogging presentation
    • Revised Remote Presentations That Rock
    • Put together resources for the value of blogging
  • Relationships
    • [X] Go to Second City with recent hires and friends - treated Linda Ristevski
    • [X] Host tea get-together 1pm our place Sunday Feb 27 (actually part of next week's review)
    • [-] Watch Die Fledermaus (http://toronto-opera.com) - Postponed to next week
    • [C] Watch Madame Butterfly (http://toronto-opera.com)
    • [X] Send birthday cards
    • [X] Try making a beet smoothie or Tex-mex lasagna
    • Had salad with Gabriel Mansour
    • Worked on connecting with blog commenters
  • Life
    • [X] Enjoy extended weekend: spend focused time revising, drawing, presenting, cooking, and tidying up
    • [X] Experiment with giving presentation through Zipcast (Remote Presentations That Rock, Monday?)
    • Upgraded to 512MB web server for my blog, tweaked blog text

Plans for next week

  • Work
    • [X] Deliver "Remote Presentations That Rock"
    • [X] Work on ECM project
    • [X] Get things going with Drupal project
    • [X] Prepare other presentations and resources
    • [X] Do IBM #infoboom tweetchat on how to get more value from blogging
    • [X] Post the rest of series on getting more value from blogging
  • Relationships
    • [X] Host tea get-together
    • [X] Reach out to new blog commenters
  • Life
    • [X] Experiment with fixed-time wakeups
    • [X] Draw more
    • [X] Write monthly review

Time analysis

Experiment for the week: more social stuff. Met people, had mentoring chats, reached out through e-mail, etc.

CategoryThis weekLast weekDeltaNotes
Drawing4.74.7Remote Presentations, ITSC
Routines - cooking8.91.87.1Big batch of lunches, vegan appetizers
Routines - general10.56.34.2
Routines - tidying2.43.8-1.4
Sleep55.765.3-9.6Going to bed when I feel tired
Work37.440.4-3.0Family Day holiday, ITSC presentation

This week I tried getting up whenever it felt natural to wake up, and going to sleep whenever I felt tired. The result was a gentle introduction to the day, and a lot of good, focused work in the evening.

I'm going to try that again this week, this time picking a time to wake up and sticking with it. Aside from a really early wake-up on Monday, I should be able to keep a regular wake-up time.

Good week!

  • zadcha

    Hi Sacha,

    how do you do your time-analysis ? what do you use to write all this stuff ? notebook tabletPC smartphone ?

  • I’ve been using Time Recording on my Android phone to track the time I spend on different activities, and that’s been working well so far. As for writing everything else, I use Org-mode in Emacs on my Lenovo X61T tablet.