Cattus Petasatus

On a whim, W- and I are learning Latin. We figure that schoolkids used to learn Latin and Greek, so we should be able to hack it too. So we’ve signed up for an Internet study group, borrowed books from the library, and looked for other Latin resources.

We were delighted to find Cattus Petasatus, a Latin translation of Dr. Seuss’ The Cat in the Hat. There are even translations for some of the other books, like Green Eggs and Ham. I like reading them in addition to our textbooks. They make Latin feel more contemporary.

Learning Latin with W- is a lot of fun. He shares the ways Latin reminds him of French. He thinks I find it easier to say Latin than he does because of my background in Filipino, which also has a lot of short syllables. We review our study group homework together, laugh at the contrived examples, and look around for other resources. I’m so lucky my husband is a geek. =)

We’ll gradually work our way up to Winnie ille Pu. Maybe we’ll even put together our own Latin projects!

  • Memnon

    Salve Sacha,

    Non est dubitandum, quin libros de mago Harrio Potter, qui latine etiam editi sunt, iam inveneris.
    Tamen hoc loco mentionem facere placet, scilicet, quo alios, qui scriptis nostrae aetatis quaesitis hanc tuam
    paginam invenerint, certiores faciam.


    Bibliothecae Torontis, quamquam multa alia scripta condunt
    huius libri egere videntur.
    Sed fortasse bibliothecarius, cum emundum ei proponeris, hoc thesauro suo addet.

    (Mhh, my latin writing skills are somewhat dormant, its certainly full of
    stupid mistakes. Well, whatever, it should loosely translate to
    something like this:)

    Hi Sacha,

    you certainly already know about the latin translation of Harry Potter.

    It seems nevertheless worth a comment; your page will certainly attract
    some people, who try to find some modern latin texts, and some of those
    may not know about it, yet.

    Have a look at: ^

    A quick search seems to suggest that no library in Toronto has this
    book available so far … (But they have some others around: ^)

    I am sure, if you suggest it to your librarian, something can be done about
    this ;).

    [*sigh*, commenting via emacs-w3m fails?! ]