Visual book notes: The Start-up of You (Reid Hoffman, Ben Casnocha)


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The Start-up of You is a book about networking and career planning using tips pulled from the startup world, sprinkled with hip jargon such as “pivot” and “volatility.” It’s a decent book for people who are new to connecting or cultivating their network and who also like reading about technology and entrepreneurship. If you’re a fan of The Lean Startup and similar entrepreneurship books, The Start-up of You is like seeing those ideas applied to other parts of life. It’s easy to read, and it flows well.

I liked examples such as the “interesting people fund” and the idea of having A-B-Z plans. There are good tips for asking your network better questions (p208), too. If you’ve read a lot of other networking or career growth books, though, you might not come across many new aha! moments here, but it’s a good startup-influenced view at managing your own career.

The Start-up of You
Reid Hoffman, Ben Casnocha
2012: Crown Business
ISBN: 978-0307888907
(E-book and audiobook also available. The Toronto Public Library carries this book.)

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  • Nice review Sacha. I’m reading this book now, agree it’s an easy read and that nothing too profound might be discovered. I like the way it melds entrepreneurship and working for someone else

  • Joel

    Hi, Sacha.

    Your visual book notes are great. Perhaps part of your entrepreneurial catalog of offerings? ;-)

    I will say again I am envious of your abilities to be so well organized and disciplined, and you are an inspiration in this area. Little did I know that while I am excitedly following your adventure, my employer was ready to set me off on my own.

    Thanks for sharing! I will continue to follow your updates and use as guidance where I can.

    Best wishes!

    • Thanks for reading! Maybe the book notes will grow into the visual equivalent of Soundview executive summaries… =)

      Good luck on your new adventure. Change offers lots of opportunities, and I’d love to learn from you and share what I’m learning!

  • Hi Sacha,
    Just came across your blog, excellent read. The “converse don’t interrogate” part struck home – I catch myself doing that every now and then. Thx for the reminder! ;)

  • Hi!

    It is my first time here, but find your articles good reads.

    Networking has quite become negative in the past years and some people might shy away from it because of those who abused the system, focusing more on money than on building relationships with business partners and clientele.

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