Sketchnotes: William Mougayar (engagio) at Third Tuesday Toronto


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William Mougayar shared lessons learned from serial entrepreneurship at the Third Tuesday Toronto meetup. He also demoed his recently funded startup,, which promises to be a social inbox for comments and conversations across different websites.

My thoughts after the talk:

  • Blog comments and online interactions are great ways to build trust relationships. (Hear that? Comment more! Winking smile )
  • It would be nifty to have a social inbox, particularly one that’s also a relationship management tool
  • $500k seed funding can get people pretty darn far
  • It’s fun getting speakers to autograph the sketchnotes =)

Were you there or have you attended other talks by William Mougayar? Have you used Engagio? (Seems to be down at the moment, pity.)

One nifty thing about Third Tuesday Toronto is that they fly speakers in and they coordinate with meetups in other cities to get the maximum coverage. Join the meetup to find out about upcoming events.

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Here’s the text from the image to improve people’s ability to search for it:

William Mougayar @ Third Tuesday Toronto
@wmougayar @engagio
See also Paul Graham’s chart

Stages of a startup
Clear vision or Blurry vision (more realistic)

When Christopher Columbus set sail, he didn’t Google America.

Social Capital
Got to know people through blogs
I’ve made 3,000 comments on Fred Wilson’s blog
Got asked to moderate Fred Wilson’s blog
8 weeks to a minimum viable product
Demo of engagio
-My contacts
-Person’s profile (one place to follow)
Neat, would like to try this out
5 Lessons
1. Be wary of selling enterprise software
Very difficult to sell to a large company when you’re a startup
2. Have an original (but simple) idea
3. Don’t believe your own
4. Relationships don’t matter. Trusted relationships matter
5. Don’t quit trying

Fragmentation of the social web
Commenting is important = Potential relationships
Value in the conversations
Bet a beat story about startups & alcohol from blog conversation

Online advocacy is on the rise

Platform? Rails, MySQL, Solr, Twitter Bootstrap
Multiple users? Next week
Yelp? Maybe if API
Equentia? Some ideas for discovery. Get to 100K users first.
How did you get away with looking like Gmail? Haven’t gotten a call from Google yet.
Business? Focusing on end-users.
Funding priorities for spending?
Engineering & marketing
product development users
Building more social features into the product
Summarizing comments?
Maybe talk offline after.
Pivot reactions?
Excited. Still had other clients, but could move on.
Personal profile?
Automatically populated, can be edited.
Profile resolution?
Merging profiles with authentication
Mobile app? HTML5
Track other sites? In road map, may have to create plugin.
Business model? Get to look users first also, business intelligence/analytics.

Twitter: @sachac
March 27, 2012

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  • Janet Sandor

    What a wonderful way to summarize info. !

  • Sacha,

    This is an amazing sketch. I love it! Especially how quickly you put it together as you were watching the presentation. That’s a great talent you have. The sketch is very clear and captures the key points extremely well. Wow!

    Sorry we were a bit overloaded with user activity on the system. Everything is back to normal this morning.

    Thanks again for your great support. I’d like us to stay in touch.

  • William: I totally relate to your point about connecting with people online through blog comments and social network interactions, as I rarely drag myself out to events (often interesting, but also over-stimulating!). =) Thanks for sharing what you’ve learned and for orchestrating the creation of something useful.

    Janet: Thanks! Working on making them even more visual and colourful. Might redraw this soon!

  • Have you thought about using a 3rd party commenting system (e.g. Disqus)? That way, you’ll see your replies in Engagio too, and they do a pretty good job at removing spam automatically.

    You might also see an uptick in commenting activity.

  • William: I thought about switching to Disqus or IntenseDebate, but I haven’t made the jump. =) Lots of sites have shifted, but I’m a little wary of having comments on some other system, and people occasionally report problems with the synchronization with native WordPress comments. I’ve looked at Livefyre too, but yeah, nothing compelling enough to get me to switch. Maybe someday!

    In 2011, I received 762 approved comments from 372 other people (not including all the comments I left in reply). It’s a decent rate – enough to have a few conversations each week and be surprised by the value that people get out of old blog posts. Many of my old posts resurface through Twitter and the occasional trackback. Bandwagon popularity might be nifty, but I don’t mind focusing on earning people’s input the hard way by sharing more thoughts and asking more questions. =)

    As for engagio – I hope you’ll have a cocomment-style way to capture comments anywhere someday!

  • Sacha, CoComment is a name I haven’t seen in a long time! I too used it when it launched back in 2006, but when they introduced their 2.0 version I was never able to get it to work properly and reluctantly gave up on it. I didn’t realize they were still around; I just tried to log in there but got a 500 Internal Server Error.

    William, I agree with Sacha that it would be great if could provide a way for its users to capture their comments anywhere (I used this CoComment feature all the time). It will be impossible to get all sites to use a supported commenting system or to make use of an plugin. At the moment when I leave a comment at (for example) I have to do a manual note-to-self, so that is doing only part of the job of tracking my conversations. Even a way to get something into that doesn’t fully track the conversation but still reminds me to check back on it later would be tremendously helpful. And while it would be nice if there’s something I can use while I’m at (as CoComment provides), even something I can use by going to the site (like an ability to “send to my inbox”) would fill this gap.

  • I really love your visual notes Sacha! :) They’re so easy to understand and you’re sketches are really improving. I like the way you organize your thoughts and how you keep them simple and comprehensive.

    I’ve kept a note-to-self to comment on the blogs that I have been reading. I also got curious of Fred Wilson’s blog. :p

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