Sketchnotes: Designing content so that it works – Carl Friesen (#torontob2b)

UPDATE 2012-11-15: Here's the video recap! Designing Content So It Works Carl Friesen, Global Reach Communications Like these? Check out my other sketchnotes, visual book notes/reviews, and visual metaphors. Here's the text from the sketchnotes to improve people's ability to search for it: Designing content so that it works Designing content so that it works Carl Friesen, Global Reach Communications Website for e-book on content design 1 2 3 4 5 stories The Trend Client wants customized solution Show that you understand their world 1. Trend & historic causes 2. current situation 3. Thoughts on developments, reasons 4. Recommendations The How-To 1. 2. 3. Example: trustees, communication process must be: Relevant + Realistic not necessarily what you do, but what clients will find helpful Helpful! - process with steps or - a list of success factors 1. outcome 2. supplies/equipment 3. steps 4. avoiding pitfalls/problems The How-to-Work-With How to get good results from working with you cannot be self-serving include info on saving money 1. wild success experience 2. factors 3. advice   The Case Study Leading-edge thought & sound implementation Trans-Canada highway story Wildlife protection Not about showing how clever you are! Must have learning points THEY can use Must be a story Tell with the client credibility 1. Initial situation 2. Steps 3. Problems & solutions 4. Lessons learned   The Survey Shows that you stay in touch must be what your audience cares about More useful with a trend Distribute appropriately Level of detail Consider limited distribution The Opinion informed opinion, thought leadership at no charge Long form -situation -views on good & bad aspects -recommendations The Review -New product/service -What's different -Discuss good/bad The Comment Notes by Sacha Chua, @sachac,

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