Sketchnotes: ENT101: Lived It Lecture – Bruce Poon Tip (G Adventures) on Social Enterprise

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20121003 Entrepreneurship 101 - Lived It Lecture - Bruce Poon Tip - G-Adventures

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MARS ENTREPRENEURSHIP 101: LIVED IT LECTURE BRUCE POON TIP. G ADVENTURES 1990 Backpacking myself... Envision the world before Google Email Fax People had to go to travel agents I realized... Canadians only have ~2 weeks holiday. Looking for adventure companies in German phone books.. How do you turn tourism into something exportable? GAP Cruise backpack all these people trapped in mainstream holidays... opportunity ! Now --> I'm surprised by the number of people who say I want to go to Antarctica this Thursday... $100 spent Only $5 actually stays in a developing country's economy. --> UNEP 2008 Ex: public beahces in Jamaica Flashback I just got my fax machine.. ... and then I realized they needed to have a fax machine too! Business Model Happiness Building a buisness model around this. 1993 Europeans have way more holidays.. The Australians work between holidays.. Export the business! Now. need a brand (sustainable) HAPPINESS (at work) - perceived progress - freedom - being part of something - larger than yourself - perceived control --> make it easy for people to leave - connectedness Netflix - 14 pages of core values! More advice from Q&A: boutique, niche Building iconic brands Movements ex: Dove - cheap --> premium Social Enterprise a whole new style of business Oct 3, 2012 Example: Peru Weaving youth going into tourism industry time Women's weaving co-op - help people - differentiated our trips Solving a business problem with sustainale salutions Strategy 1: Big company: Corruption Strategy 2: Some good, some bad Strategy 3: Focusing on training consistency My leadership challenge: 1500 people, most of whom I'll never meet, want them to be happy and deliver Traveller Taking what we are as a business and turning it into a movement. Transcending your product Engaging your customers --> why, stories Challenging customers What will you do today for tomorrow? Engage customers for a higher purpose--> beyond travel Doesn't have to cost you anything Partnership, projects Q: How do you do everything? A: Great people Q: Pivot? A: The world is changing so much ~every 5 years Q: Biggest mistakes? A: Trying too hard to find diamonds in the rough while bootstrapping sometimes not best for business