Sketchnotes: Lean Startup Day

Update: Watch the videos / view the slides!

Sketchnotes from all the talks at Lean Startup Day 2012 (MaRSDD local content in Toronto + livestreamed talks from San Francisco!)

You can view or copy these notes from Dropbox or browse through the gallery below. Feel free to share the images under the Creative Commons Attribution Licence!

What people said:

Interested in Lean Startup? Check out the Lean Startup Conference or my other sketchnotes too. Other notes from around the Web: community notes, Trevor Lohrbeer.

Visual learner? Check out my other sketchnotes and visual book notes!

Event organizer or conference organizer? I’d love to help you help your attendees remember and share key points. Talk to me about sketchnoting your next event!

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5 responses to “Sketchnotes: Lean Startup Day”

  1. Wow, great notes. I told the Independent Television Production class at Centennial College about it and hope some of them got to go.

    You’re notes along with Steven Blank’s free course on Udacity are a great combo for the students facing an industry going through disruptive innovation.

  2. Sacha Chua says:

    Glad you like them! =)

  3. Great notes! I love your work.

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