Emacs Conference 2013 Sketchnotes (also, PDF!)

I cleaned them up a little and packaged them as a PDF for your viewing convenience:

Here they are individually, too! Click on an image to view the full-sized version, and feel free to share them under the Creative Commons Attribution Licence. Enjoy!

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  • dodgethesteamroller

    These are terrific. I understand from the Irreal blog that you’re also editing the conference videos–could you provide links to connect each sketchnote page to the corresponding video? (They’d be great to refer to side-by-side.)

    • http://sachachua.com sachac

      Sure, let me get all the videos up first. =)

    • http://sachachua.com sachac

      I know! How about if you make side-by-side links on the Emacs Wiki conference page? =) http://emacswiki.org/emacs/Emacs_Conference_2013 Happy to help more people organize information!

      • dodgethesteamroller

        OK, I finally did got that done :)

  • Donavan-Ross Costaras

    Thanks for these! …and the videos …and the skype sessions :)

  • Raj

    Thanks for the sketch notes. Look forward to you uploading the videos. Thanks!

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  • http://newartisans.com John Wiegley

    Very nice indeed! And no one will ever find which note on one of those pages was written by me. :) Hint: It was during Nic’s talk.

    • http://sachachua.com Sacha Chua

      I know! ;)