Sketchnote Lessons: Speech bubbles and thought clouds

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Here’s an assortment of speech bubbles and thought clouds. They’re great for indicating when someone has said something – and there’s always plenty of talking at presentations, panels, and events.

Click on the image for a larger version. Feel free to print this out (or draw on it on your tablet, if you have one)! =)

20130805 Speech balloons and thought clouds

Have fun drawing! Check out my other sketchnote lessons, and e-mail or comment if you have any suggestions/requests!

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8 responses to “Sketchnote Lessons: Speech bubbles and thought clouds”

  1. I like your sketchnote lessons!

    1. Sacha Chua says:

      Thanks! Got any requests? =)

  2. A big fan! You have been my inspiration…These Sketchnote Lessons are awesome. It would be very nice if you conducted a session…

      1. mileine says:

        Wow… I’d love to join you guys over Google Hangout and learn more about sketchnoting! I am really enjoying your posts with the lessons. (^-^)/

  3. tupf says:

    Excellent Ideas. I start to give classes in electrical engineering, and I like to experiment around to emphasize things with drawings into the presentations with a graphic pad. Thanks for sharing this. I like the footprints ….

    1. Sacha Chua says:

      That’s wonderful. Yay!

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