Emacs Chat: Magnar Sveen (Emacs Rocks)

UPDATE 2014-01-27: Transcript posted!
UPDATE: Want just the audio? MP3 / OGG

Here are the notes from my chat with Magnar Sveen, the creator of the Emacs Rocks screencast series and a number of other great Emacs resources. Enjoy!

0m48s Magnar has been using Emacs for two years
2m30s Moving from TextMate
3m45s World of Warcraft
4m10s Friend’s influence
5m10s Learning as a game
6m10s Other ways of learning – time outside work
7m44s Screencasting
9m30s Things Magnar wants to learn more about – Org
10m19s What else Magnar does with Emacs
11m17s Norwegian text adventure game
12m08s Outside Emacs: family, board games (120!)
13m41s Managing a large hobby project
14m30s Learning through projects
14m48s Dealing with feeling overwhelmed by Emacs
16m38s Hardware
20m20s Emacs configuration
20m40s Projects with perspective-mode
21m32s Find file in project, ido-vertical-mode, flx-ido
23m45s Switching between projects
25m01s Guide-key
25m56 Rebinding C-h
26m36 paredit and smartparens
29m20s visual-regexp
30m35s annoying-arrows-mode
32m45s project-archetype
35m15s Wishlist: package management
35m55s Satisfied with configuration
35m25s Marks and regions
37m20s Configuration is on github
37m40s evil-mode
40m00s Feedback on Emacs Rocks
42m00s Growing to appreciate Emacs because of extensibility
43m15s The giraffe book
44m57s Getting code into core
49m39 Emacs koans?
51m45s IRC bot
52m50s Learning from other people in the office
54m40s Other questions
56m23s Board game recommendations

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  • mbork

    Wow! As soon as I have some time to spare, I’ll *have* to listen to that. Two cool people talking about cool things. Whoah.

    Sacha, any chance of an mp3 version for commuters like me;)?

    And one more thing: I can’t find Magnar’s email anywhere, and I guess he’s reading this, so I’ve got a (non-Emacs) question: Magnar, what is your nickname on BGG? (I assume that a person having 100+ contemporary boardgames must have an account on BGG, of course;).)

    • Great point! Added. Want to ping Magnar on Twitter? https://twitter.com/magnars I’ll send him a note about your comment too.

    • Magnar Sveen

      You are of course quite right. On BGG I go under the discreet, subtle nickname of Superdeathflame. :-) http://boardgamegeek.com/user/Superdeathflame

      • mbork

        Thanks a lot! I hope to listen to the rest of the chat today or tomorrow.

        BTW, don’t you think that Emacs might make a great A:N card? ;)

        • Magnar Sveen

          That would be cool. Probably overpowered. ;-)

  • Peter

    Hi Sacha, thank you for making this chat with Magnar (and thank you Magnar).

    A small question: what board game did Magnar recommend for 2 persons at the end of the chat? I can’t quite hear what he said.

    Thanks/ Peter

    • mbork

      If I understood correctly, it was Netrunner (or Android:Netrunner, which is a modernized version). Though it might not be a very representative case for modern (board|card)games, since it’s an LCG (a genre descendant of CCGs), and being a Fantasy Flight Games release, it has a thick and not-the-best-written (though not a horrible one, either) rulebook.

      My personal pick would be Race for the Galaxy for braver people, Innovation for a little easier option, Dominion for casual gamers (all cardgames), and – if you prefer *board*games – Agricola (“classical” or “ACBaS”), Village or Stone Age (from more hardcore to more casual gaming). (All these work fine for two people, most of them also for 3 or 4.)

  • abottazini

    Very interesting. Thank you.

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