Stayed in bed most of the day

ネコは身動きひとつしなかった。 The cat didn't move a muscle.

This cat nearly didn't, either. I stayed in bed almost all day, still nursing a sore throat. Still sick. My dad and I had arroz caldo. What a wonderful comfort food... (No, my dad isn't sick. Just me.)

Tomorrow the ACM people want me to train with them. I've been looking forward to it too, although I've been a little nervous due to certain personal reasons. My mom said something along the lines of quitting while I was ahead, but it isn't that, really. Oh well. I'll pick up some of my toys, at least. Besides, I don't have a reliable way of getting in touch with them, and I'd hate to make them wait at Faura.

I should also work on the Adphoto systems. Eventually. Maybe the equipment thing. I don't know... The Bluepoint thing isn't much, but at least it's well-defined; I know when I'm successful. And I'll get paid for it too, which might be nice for starting a small business or whatnot.

Gah. I need to think.

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