Productive day!

I had so much fun writing today. 500 words for my m-ph entry, 1000 for the Linux Journal article on taming the todo (okay, I wrote maybe half of that last week), and 55 for the short story "Gluttony". I e-mailed the people I was supposed to e-mail from the game journalists' meet. I also released another version of Planner (3.30) and started setting up better version control.


_And_ I got to bond with my dad this morning, too. We looked for music. Couldn't find any decent musicals at Music One. They had the movie soundtrack for Phantom of the Opera, but I want the Broadway version because Raoul sounds like such a wuss in the movie. ;) Time to look for Rent, Cats, and all of those other musicals...

私はこのコンピューターに精通している。 I am familiar with this computer.

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