Address from Martin Wildberger

Martin Wildberger opened by reexamining IBM's motto, "Innovation that matters". One of the key things we struggle with is making sure that what we do matters, and one of the ways to do that is through collaboration. CAS is about meeting of minds of industry and academe to germinate ideas.

Wildberger also commended Kelly Lyons, who heads the CAS program for the Toronto Lab. Last night in Winnipeg, the CAS program received a very prestigious award: the NSERC Leo Derikx Award for Synergy.

He showed a video clip from last night's awarding ceremony. (Hey! That was my desk! Kelly and Luanne borrowed my desk! <laugh> You can tell - my e-mail address is actually readable for a second...)

He then went on to thank NRC and introduce Christian Couturier, Director General of the Institute for Information Technology, National Research Council Canada.

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