Fast-forwarding through small talk


  • This is a great observation. I’m a pretty severe introvert, so I find myself dreading coffee/social breaks at large conferences — unless I already know or have some background on some participants.

    However, I also find it a little bit embarrassing to start the conversation as you have here. I think that’s because in earlier days — before the current prominence of blogging and social networking — browsing someone’s web presence felt a little like low-grade stalking. [See :) ]

  • Chris: I should make that sketch clearer. ;) I’m the person on the computer, oblivious to all things happening until someone says hi. =)

    And yes, having some background on participants is a lot of fun. I attended a collaboration summit at IBM before – my first one! – and I printed tag clouds and pictures for all the confirmed attendees. MWAHAHA!

    That was an awesome experiment. I should write about that… =)