Outsourcing processes: Wake-up call

Here’s my process for my wake-up call:

Every day, at the wake-up time I specified, please:

  1. Go to start.sachachua.com and sign in.
  2. Sign on to the various boxes as needed.
  3. Call me on my cellphone.
  4. Greet me good morning, tell me the quote of the day and the word of the day, and the weather for today (weather description (sunny? clouds? rain? snow), and both high and low temperatures.
  5. Tell me about my appointments for today.
  6. Tell me about my tasks for the day, and ask if there’s anything else I’d like to add. If so, create new tasks.
  7. Tell me the word for the day and its definition.
  8. Go to http://www.wgz.org/chromatic/projects/microfiction/ and read me the latest assignment. E-mail the assignment to me as well.
  9. Wish me a great day!
  • Jenny Lisk

    Hi Sacha – it looks like your “start.sachachua.com” goes to some kind of google dashboard with your email/calendar/etc all in one place. I can’t find where I can get that for myself on google. Help?

    Also does google have a “to-do” list app? or do you recommend remember the milk or something else as better?



  • I’m using Google Apps for my domain, and I’ve configured start.sachachua.com to point to that Google starter page. You can use iGoogle, though!

    As for to-do lists: I really like ToodleDo, and I’ve switched to using it for all of my tasks. =D

  • Jenny Lisk

    Awesome, thanks. I’m now setup on igoogle and toodledo. :)

    So here’s another question before I get started with va’s: what sort of security measures do you take? For example, so you give them id’s/pw’s to your various accounts? or setup some kind of delegation? how do you handle it if you need them to purchase something for you? Accounts I’m thinking of might include: gmail (including mail, calendar, igoogle, google docs, blogspot), facebook, paypal, library, amazon, amazon fresh (grocery delivery), toodledo, costco photo center, probably others too, but that’s what immediately comes to mind.

    I bet others would be interested in this question, too…perhaps warrants a blog post? :)

    thanks for sharing your wealth of info and inspiring me to try VA’s!


  • One of the things I like about Timesvr is that you can use an HTTPS interface to put your account information in your online profile, and the VA handling your request has access to it.

    I started off by trusting them with low-risk accounts, but now I’m okay with them accessing my personal mail, which is really the key thing. I keep track of my finances anyway, so I’m not too worried about that. =)

    I’ve also tried putting account information into a Google Doc that I share with selected VAs I’ve hired myself. That works too. I prefer that approach to, say, e-mailing my passwords in the clear.. =)

  • Jenny Lisk

    Have you let them buy anything for you? Is there any kind of service that masks credit card info so they can use it in places I specify but not run wild and order stuff for themselves?

  • I’ve had them order books for me using the payment information in my Amazon.ca and Indigo.ca profiles. Paypal in the US lets you create pre-paid virtual credit cards, which would be ideal. =)

  • Jenny Lisk

    awesome, thanks! I’m going to checkout the paypal pre-paid virtual credit cards…thanks for the tip. I am up-and-running with toodledo now, and yesterday figured out how to link twitter to toodledo so I can add a task to my list via blackberry when I’m out and about and something pops into my head that I don’t want to forget. Thinking I”ll take the plunge and try timesvr next…