Digraphs with Graphviz

And for the geeks, here’s the Graphviz dot file that created the graph in How to do a lot. Posting here because I know I’m going to forget, and also because it’s so cool…

digraph {
  label = "Do things that complement each other";
  subgraph {
  programming -> writing  [label="new experience"]
  experimenting -> writing [label="new experience"]
  programming -> experimenting [label="automation"]
  experimenting -> programming [label="improvements"]
  writing -> presenting [label="content,\nopportunity"]
  presenting -> writing [label="content"]
  writing -> programming [label="reflection,\nideas"]
  writing -> experimenting [label="reflection,\nideas"]
  presenting -> experimenting [label="ideas"]
  experimenting -> presenting [label="improvements"]

I created it with the command:

dot -Nfontsize=10 -Efontsize=11 FILENAME -o OUTPUTFILENAME -Tpng

The result:

Directed graph

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