Planning projects for April: making remote presentations that rock, managing virtual assistants

There are two interesting projects I’d like to get going for April. One will be a guide on making remote presentations that rock, and another will be a guide on managing virtual assistants. I would like to put together blog posts and perhaps a nicely-formatted e-book. For the presentation project, I’m also planning to run a couple of seminars at work, and maybe even offer one-on-one coaching too.

What do those projects look like?

Making remote presentations that rock

Possible topics:

  • Technology tips and screencasts
    • Sametime Unyte
    • Audacity
    • Camtasia Studio or some other video/screencast software
  • Challenges and opportunities of remote presentations
  • Tips on information organization
  • Tips on visual presentation design
  • Delivery techniques
  • Preparation and follow-up
  • Virtual conferences – when you’re part of a bigger event

Coaching opportunities:

  • Give feedback on title, abstract, and bio
  • Give feedback on outline, navigational structures
  • Give feedback on design and organization
  • Evaluate delivery (in person or with recordings) – maybe swap with people? =) – to help people learn more about how to do presentations even more effectively

Possible tasks to delegate:

  • Transcribe my presentations and audio recordings on the topic
  • Edit audio to remove ums, ahs, and repeated words
  • Compile presentation tips from the Internet
  • Find illustrations for slides
  • Create draft slides
  • Format the blog posts into an e-book
  • Follow up after coaching

Managing virtual assistants

I’d like to focus on documenting lots of processes so that we can come up with something like a manual. =) Possible topics:

  • Web research
  • Product search
  • Calendar management (meetings, phone calls, and get-togethers)
  • Writing and content development
  • Everyday tasks (wake-up calls, concierge services, etc.)

Each post will have the following structure:

  • Why outsource to a virtual assistant
  • Sample requests and time saved (Examples for 15 minutes, 1 hour, 4 hours)
  • What information should be included?
  • What milestones are useful?
  • Example step-by-step process, similar to the ones I’ve shared
  • Sample output template so that both the client and virtual assistant know what results are expected

Possible tasks to delegate:

  • Compile sample requests and templates
  • Find me other bloggers interested in collaborating on an e-book
  • Draft the text
  • Document step-by-step processes, including screenshots
  • Find client testimonials
  • Format the blog posts into an e-book

  • Jenny Lisk

    Hi Sacha – I’d like to attend the seminar(s)…can you please let me know when they will be? Thanks!

  • I’d actually like to make use of virtual assistants, however i’m not quite sure what i’d use them for.

    I’ve become fairly efficient about keeping on top of what needs to be done (GTD) — a lot of the stuff i’m making slow progress on are tedious physical tasks, like cleaning up the garage and the rest I am satisfied to date with leaving on the list, not to be done yet, although that part of the list continues to grow.

    however, i’m willing to expand my scope of comfort with outsourcing — let me know if you want this guinea pig to contribute his experiences.

  • Come on right in! <grin> I have a few getting-started tips at I ask virtual assistants to take care of processes that I haven’t automated, that I’m likely to forget, or that I often mess up. =) Others ask them to do web research and things like that.

    You could try Timesvr’s free 3-day trial, or you could post an opening on oDesk for an as-needed hourly job. =) oDesk might be a good way to dip your toes in, because you won’t get charged if you don’t have anything for people to work on.