A teacher’s guide to Web 2.0 at school [illustrated]

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  • Nice work Sacha!

  • Nice slide set. I learned a lot from this. This is not only for teachers but I believe it is also applicable for branding. People going into digital branding should adapt such approach because web 2.0 requires deep thinking, reflexive action, and constant creativity unlike TV.

    From Seth Godin, there’s no magic beans now in the web as compared to TV.

  • You rock. I love this.

  • Great post!!!
    I work on an NGO who supports the work of nine schools and it is really difficult to make people forget about mail and make them uses other means of communications (blogs, twitter, facebook, etc)
    Thanks a lot!!!
    I would really like to read more of your advice for education.

  • Totally love this – what a conversation starter – and continuer! Thanks Sacha!

  • Awesome post, the best guide so far.

  • Stephan Rinke


    I absolutely love this! This is a brilliantly done presentation which I will definitely share in my network.


  • Hi Sacha,

    Nice slide share presentation. I really enjoyed the format and layout of it. It seemed very to the point and easy to read.

    Hope to see more of them in the future.


  • Great work on the presentation, hopefully it will encourage more teachers to make the effort. I would encourage teachers to check out http://www.sfclassroom.com where they can sign up for a free classroom page with all of the web 2.0 tools they will need in 1 easy to use environment.

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  • Wonderful slide deck. Take a look at http://www.dogonews.com an online newspaper targeted at K-8. The stories, with photos/videos, map mashups and reader feedback leverages web 2.0 tech for the classroom.

  • Theresa Cawthorn

    I like her positive can do attitude. I think this is the reality check I needed

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  • In your14th slide, you could really circle everything in green. You can attend professional development, conferences, classes, and practice.

    Very interesting presentation. Nice work

  • <grin> True, that. And you can teach online as well, of course!

  • Colin Billett

    Nice stuff, and super presentation. Much food for thought.