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I was supposed to be asleep some two hours ago, but I just wanted to blog about one of the interesting people I met today. =)

Jacob Appelbaum's business card doesn't have anything but his name and a stylized photograph of an orchid. That's okay, because he's findable on the Net. He's on LJ, too. Reading his blog, I wish I'd gotten to know him more while he was in Toronto.


I want to walk through Trinity Bellwoods and spin fire in the large gully on a warm summers night.

Poi-ster! =) I'm glad I brought my poi to Pedestrian Sunday...

He's almost a nomad, a globetrotting geek. One of the coolest things about I.T. is that you can work from anywhere. This means, however, that it can be hard to find a place to call home. And it's hard to form ties, too.

Jake's moving to San Francisco soon, which is a great place and one of the cities I wouldn't mind getting to know inside out. Still, he wishes he could stay.

I am also between places. My situation is slightly different, but I can still relate. It doesn't make me feel as bad as it used to, but still...

I enjoy the vibe here, and I'd love to learn as much as I can from it. If I can serve as a bridge between here and the Philippines, all the better. And goodness knows how glad I am to be able to walk in a park or hang out with friends late at night or get around on my own without driving.

I wish I had the ability to wander as he does: to travel from place to place and get to know different people, to breathe a place in and know it inside out. Then I want to get to know one place really, really well... and then I want to bridge wherever that is and the country that still needs me.

Having to apply for visas everywhere makes Plan A difficult, though. Oh well, I'll think of Plan B. =)

Someday I'll need a home, but maybe I can get away with not having one just yet.

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Random Japanese sentence: そのねこを怒らすとひっかくよ。 The cat will scratch if you provoke.