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Found a good transcriber through this one – picked someone with an engineering background.

Posted on oDesk with the subject line: Transcription of MP3s/Videos

I’m looking for a transcriptionist who can work on an as-needed basis. Ideal candidate will be able to work in either US English or Canadian English (as specified), creating edited or verbatim transcripts in DOC or HTML format.

Must be comfortable with coordinating through Dropbox and Skype. WordPress experience preferred. (Please indicate.)

Technical background and social media experience preferred – please indicate if you have a computer science, programming, or engineering background, and which social media tools you use.

To show your attention to detail, please start and end your application with the keyword “blue”, and indicate your typing speed in WPM after the first “blue”. In your cover letter, please include one page of sample formatted edited transcript that you’ve completed recently. Thank you!

Type: Hourly
Workload: As needed – Less than 10 hrs/week
Duration: 3 to 6 months
Posted: December 8, 2012
Planned Start: Immediately
Visibility: Public

Category: Administrative Support Sub-Category: Transcription

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