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Process: Sign up for an event

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Sign up for the event using my name and e-mail address. Add it to my calendar, either using the event page or by creating a Google Calendar entry. Confirm that the event appears in my Google Calendar, and that the details are included in the calendar entry. (URL for webinars, location for in-person events – […]

What I’m looking for in terms of accounting

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I’m looking for someone who can answer accounting questions and review my books. I have a small federal corporation. My income primarily derives from consulting and illustration, although I have some occasional income from other sources (including USD through Paypal). My fiscal year end is September 30, and this is my second fiscal year. Last year, I prepared my […]

Process: Add a testimonial from Twitter

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People occasionally say good things about my sketchnotes on Twitter. To save them for later, I mark them as a favourite. Not all favourites are testimonials, so use your judgment and ask me if you have any questions.  List of my favourites: For each of the testimonial tweets that aren’t yet on Click […]


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See this list as a table

Process: Update galleries with better titles

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The big picture: I want to put in better captions for images so that people can browse and search through them more easily. This information might not be in the filename, and besides, the automatically-generated filename is hard to read. Information needed from me: Which gallery to edit Lastpass shared account credentials for Instructions […]

Delegation: How I hire and manage my virtual team

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I’ve been helping other people get started with their own experiments in delegation, and one of them asked me how I manage my team in oDesk. Here’s how I do it. Setting expectations I like thinking of oDesk contracts as mini-experiments. It’s not about hiring amazing people – as in the regular job market, amazing […]

Archive: Job post for a transcriber

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Found a good transcriber through this one – picked someone with an engineering background. Posted on oDesk with the subject line: Transcription of MP3s/Videos I’m looking for a transcriptionist who can work on an as-needed basis. Ideal candidate will be able to work in either US English or Canadian English (as specified), creating edited or […]

Archive: Job post for virtual assistant

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Here’s the job position that I posted on oDesk. Got good results! Subject: Virtual assistant needed for appointment setting, following up after events, managing social media, etc. Job DescriptionI am looking for an administrative assistant to help me manage my calendar, follow up with people after events, draft sales letters / proposals, manage social media, […]

Process: Scheduling an online conversation

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QUICK REFERENCE: I prefer Google Hangouts, then Skype, then calling people on their phones. Please create “Buffer” appointments 30min before and 30min after. “Buffer” can overlap with “Travel” appointments. Make sure calendar entries have backup contact info (give my cellphone number and ask for theirs). Cc: me on all correspondence. If you need action/input from […]