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Imagining Wild Success: 2017

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So where do I want to be on February 19, 2017, the 5th anniversary of starting my own business? What do I want to be able to say? What do I want to have done? Let me fast-forward to my future 34-year-old self and think about what that blog post might look like. Here we […]

Business: Social business consulting

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Pricing: Time and materials Positioning: Premium This is the business I started right at the beginning of my experiment because clients immediately wanted to engage me. As of 2012, it’s still difficult to find people with deep experience in enterprise collaboration systems. Among other things, I: Prototype communities to make it easier for people to adopt […]

Imagining wild success: Delegation

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Imagine that I have fulltime amazing assistants. What am I doing with those capabilities? Two days a week, I’m focused on talking to people. I’m booked efficiently; tea, lunch, tea, second tea. Some of these meetings involve walks instead of food. The meetings cluster in various locations in order to minimize travel time. I might […]

Process: Using Trello to track tasks

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I’ll be sending you a lot of tasks by email, and it can be a challenge to keep track of what you need to work on and what the priorities and due dates are. It’s important to me that we have a clear picture of what you’re working on, what you’re waiting for, and what […]

Process: Summarize tweetchat

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Problem: Tweetchats are a way to connect with lots of people and discuss interesting things, but they’re chaotic and hard to follow, especially after the event. In addition, it’s hard to go back and review a tweetchat because Twitter hides older search results. Goals: Share a more organized summary by compiling questions and answers into a […]

Process: Follow up after ENT101 sketchnotes

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After I post the Entrepreneurship 101 sketchnotes at Pin it to my “My sketchnotes” pinboard. E-mail the short link to the people in the group ENT101 Sketchnotes. Add it to my ENT101 sketchnotes presentation and reupload the PDF. Post a LinkedIn status update with a link to the sketchnotes. Use FutureTweet to schedule a […]

Process: Set up

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Purpose:Be able to contact Sacha on her cellphone in case Skype or data is unreliable Prerequisites:Java >= 1.6, logged in with LastPass; Sacha has shared password with you through LastPass. Instructions Go to and click on Account Login. Log in with the provided credentials. Click on Settings. Click on Downloads. Download and install […]

Process: Provisioning a new account

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Prerequisites: Name, preferred e-mail address Log on to mail.sachachua.comwith the master account credentials. Click on the gear icon > Manage. Log in again if needed. Click on Organization & users. Click on Create a new user and fill in the form. After setting up the person, delegate calendar access (if appropriate) and send an e-mail […]

Process: Scheduling an in-person meeting

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QUICK REFERENCE: Location: Yelp: 3.5 or more stars, $-$$, noise level: average or quiet, accepts credit cards, wifi: free (if possible), accepts reservations if possible. (Make reservations under “Sacha Chua”) Please create “Travel” appointments 1h before and 2h after lunches and 1h before / 1h after coffee. Make sure calendar entries have location and backup contact […]