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Pricing: Time and materials
Positioning: Premium

This is the business I started right at the beginning of my experiment because clients immediately wanted to engage me. As of 2012, it’s still difficult to find people with deep experience in enterprise collaboration systems.

Among other things, I:

  • Prototype communities to make it easier for people to adopt the collaboration platform because they know what to do and the communities are well-structured
  • Develop HTML, CSS, and Javascript for the site theme
  • Develop various graphical elements such as standard buttons, and teach community managers on how to use them
  • Provide training and build documentation
  • Plan, script, narrate, animate, and produce short teaser videos
  • Support community owners and users by answering questions, sharing resources, and investigating issues
  • Coordinate with the enterprise vendor
  • Develop tools to help people get custom reports and save time doing administrative tasks
  • Prepare presentations, spreadsheets, and documents
  • Migrate websites from Sharepoint and the intranet to the collaboration platform
  • Develop resources for community managers and users
  • Troubleshoot


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