Writing e-books and other information products

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Writing e-books and other information products
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People want to learn all sorts of things, but don’t always have the time to do the research themselves. People are also interested in other experiences. If I can get the hang of putting together e-books that help people save time and do better, that would be awesome.

Value proposition: Clear, informative, and easy-to-read illustrated e-books on entrepreneurship, technology, and life.

Key competitors: There are so many information products and free resources out there, so I need to make sure I offer something better-suited to a niche. Other activities also compete with reading.

Advantages: I love reading and learning. I can draw friendly diagrams. I can take advantage of a combination of interests.

I’m motivated to explore this because… There are things I want to learn that I can’t find good books for, and other people are probably interested in learning those things as well. Writing is a great way for me to dig deeper into what I’m learning and to share that with others.

Assumptions that I can test:

  • E-book publishing is not complicated even if I’m in Canada. – Tested with “Stories from My Twenties”
  • People want to learn from e-books. – Can test by asking people
  • I can find topics that people are interested in and I’m interested in. – Can test by asking people what kinds of e-books they’re looking for.
  • I can stick with writing an e-book and get it out before the ideas get dated. – Can test by doing it.

Other considerations: Writing is location-independent and can adapt to a flexible schedule. It scales.

Wild success vision: I’ve got an excellent workflow for identifying topics that people care about (including asking them to sign up for updates), doing research, pulling everything together, and keeping people in the loop as I add more information. I have print and e-book versions available, and lots of great reviews. People are doing cool stuff with what they learn.

Role models / resources: Ramit Sethi

Writing e-books and other information products
0 votes, 0.00 avg. rating (0% score)

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