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Name Traffic signal Idea status Target customer Problem Proposed solution Tags
Business idea: Social intranet community-building Green 5 - First sale! Enterprises with social business platforms such as IBM Connections or Jive "Build it and they will come" definitely doesn't work; also, many platforms have limited analytics Community prototyping services and analytics tools b2b, consulting, social business
Writing e-books and other information products Green 8 - Ongoing Curious people who like reading (probably fellow geeks), possibly visual thinkers too Not that many books about the things I'm interested in, and even fewer with lots of fun illustrations E-books and maybe even printed books! information product, writing
Emacs resources Green 1 - Inkling Emacs newcomers and enthusiasts Want more interesting, engaging, approachable ideas/lessons on Emacs Illustrated guides to Emacs, blog posts with Emacs highlights, occasional low-cost e-books development, emacs, information product, writing
Quantified coaching Green 1 - Inkling Quantified Self enthusiasts and self-trackers who might not be developers or spreadsheet wizards Difficult to get started, especially outside health/fitness Coaching on how to frame questions, collect data, stick with the habit, and analyze the results coaching, quantified, services
Introvert-focused networking tips Green 1 - Inkling Introverted professionals, especially freelancers Difficult to connect with people; lots of advice is geared towards extroverts or people who can pretend to be one Introvert-friendly lifehacks connecting, information product, introverts
Stamp calculator Green 1 - Inkling People who write and mail letters Making up stamp values given rising stamp prices Stamp calculator (given the denominations of the stamps you have and the denominations you want, minimize waste and number of stamps) advertising, development
Business idea: Tweetchat summary service Off 2 - Sketched corporate Tweetchat organizers Difficult to analyze tweetchats or summarize them for later reading Conversation tree visualizer given a hashtag concierge, saas, writing
Business idea: Hand-drawn web designs Off 1 - Inkling Freelancers and small business owners in creative industries who are not web designers Websites feel mechanical; it's hard to imagine how to fit handwriting into a website Wordpress themes and theming services focused on hand-drawn interfaces drawing
Business idea: Content marketing for conferences and events Off 2 - Sketched Conference and event organizers Missing out on opportunities to repurpose content for marketing and audience-building Content marketing - we process and transcribe the recordings, set up tweets, write blog posts, etc. marketing, social media, writing
Business idea: Delegation coaching Off 2 - Sketched Busy freelancers and consultants who are struggling with multi-tasking People don't have the time to learn how to delegate or imagine how they could do so I can walk them through setting up an arrangement with trained staff using my library of processes, and I can help them document their own processes coaching, delegation
Business idea: Technical writing Off 2 - Sketched Software companies with application screencasts Documentation can be difficult to put together clearly We'll transcribe and format the instructions for easier searching/reading, and we'll set up a series of content marketing blog posts as well transcription, writing
Business idea: Visual book reviews Off 2 - Sketched Busy executives who are visual thinkers and who want to stay up to date on business books No time to read even executive summaries Visual summaries to help people decide which books to read further or review key points from books drawing, information product, reading
Business idea: Self-tracking tools Off 3 - Prototyped Quantified Self enthusiasts and other self-trackers who may not be developers Most QS startups focus on health and lock in data; people want to track other things Flexible tracker with no data lock-in b2c, development, quantified, saas
Business idea: Presentation design Off 2 - Sketched Technology businesses that give presentations but don't have in-house presentation designers, and who want to make their presentations more approachable Technology presentations can be nosebleedingly overwhelming and ugly Beautiful presentation design (both in terms of information as well as layout), presentation coaching design, drawing, presentation
Business idea: Visual communication coaching Off 2 - Sketched People who would like to sketchnote or do graphic recording/facilitation more People sometimes don't know where to start or how to push themselves Coaching and workshops coaching, drawing
Business idea: Hand-drawn vector microstock images Off 1 - Inkling Web designers and presentation designers Want hand-drawn images to give presentations and websites a friendlier feel Hand-drawn stock images sold on popular stock photo sites commission, drawing, product
Math resources for grade school and high school students Off 1 - Inkling Parents of middle school and high school kids in Toronto Math education is spotty; parents may not be comfortable with math, either Educational resources education, teaching
Wardrobe organizer and tracker Off 1 - Inkling People who have lots of items and want to make better decisions about them Not fun to track frequency and cost per use App for tracking your clothes / stuff development, quantified, saas
Task and time trackers Off 1 - Inkling Freelancers and small businesses working on a time basis; Quantified Self enthusiasts Granular time-tracking is difficult Simple tracker b2b, development, quantified, saas

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