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Idea status

Stamp calculator

Business model: Advertising

Task and time trackers

Freemium, SaaS

Wardrobe organizer and tracker

Business model: Subscription service? Some apps are starting to get into this

Math resources for grade school and high school students

Introvert-focused networking tips

A book building on The Shy Connector

Quantified coaching

Next steps: Create coaching services page

Emacs resources

I’d like to put together more resources for people who want to learn about Emacs. Similar: Mastering Emacs, Emacs Rocks

List of things I would like to see fixed

I brainstormed a list of things I would like to see fixed. Of this list, there are probably quite a few things that people will pay for. Of that list, there are probably a few things that I can build a sustainable business around. It’ll be interesting …

Business idea: Hand-drawn web designs

Reason: I want to do this for myself anyway, and other people might be interested. Other companies in this field: In a Nutshell Studio (ex: Religion Out of the Box)

Business idea: Content marketing for conferences and events
20130101 lean canvasses - content marketing for conferences and events

Business idea: Delegation coaching
20130101 lean canvasses - delegation coaching

Business idea: Technical writing
20130101 lean canvasses - technical writing

Business idea: Visual book reviews
20130101 lean canvasses - visual book reviews

Business idea: Self-tracking tools
20130101 lean canvasses - self-tracking tools

Business idea: Social intranet community-building
20130101 lean canvasses - social intranet community-building

Business idea: Visual communication coaching
20130101 lean canvasses - visual communication coaching

Business idea: Presentation design
20130101 lean canvasses - presentation design

Related businesses: Existing companies: Big Fish Presentations, Duarte Design Business idea: Hand-drawn vector microstock images  

Business idea: Hand-drawn vector microstock images
20130101 lean canvasses - hand-drawn stock images and illustration

Hypothesis: People will pay for my hand-drawn images for presentations, designs, and webpages Why this business idea interests me: It’s a good complement to sketchnoting, it turns my practice sessions into something valuable, it can be a small but usef …

Business idea: Tweetchat summary service

I can help corporate Tweetchat organizers who need to prepare better summaries / visualizations / analytics of tweetchats so that they can share what was discussed, what trends were seen, and who the participants were in order to continue engagement an …

Writing e-books and other information products
20130101 lean canvasses - writing

People want to learn all sorts of things, but don’t always have the time to do the research themselves. People are also interested in other experiences. If I can get the hang of putting together e-books that help people save time and do better, that wo …

Business idea: Digital sketchnotes for conferences and events
20130101 lean canvasses - digital conference and event sketchnotes

Summary: Promote pre- and post-event engagement/conversion through digital sketchnotes for presentations and events People say these sketchnotes are awesome. They love these 1-page summaries I do of business and technology events. What if I build a dig …

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