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Problem: Tweetchats are a way to connect with lots of people and discuss interesting things, but they’re chaotic and hard to follow, especially after the event. In addition, it’s hard to go back and review a tweetchat because Twitter hides older search results.
  • Share a more organized summary by compiling questions and answers into a document.
  • Make it easy to review insights that were shared.
  • Possibly identify contributors and influencers for future conversations.
  • Support bloggers who want to post a recap.
Time: ~1h for a 1-hour Tweetchat
This is a manual process involving rapidly categorizing tweets after the event and then sorting them into summaries. For real-time curation, see Storify.

SETUP: Install Tweet Archivist.



  1. In Tweet Archivist, search for the tweetchat hashtag.
  2. Click on Export to Excel.Save the text file to your computer.
  3. In Microsoft Excel or another spreadsheet program, open the text file. (Tab-delimited.)
  4. Sort the tweets by date and delete any tweets before the start date.
  5. Move the username column to the left of the tweet text.
  6. Sort the tweets by title.
  7. Above the first category of question (ex: A1), insert a row and merge those cells. Do that for each category.
  8. Copy the questions (ex: Q1) into the merged cells.
  9. Copy the Q1, A1, … tweets into Microsoft Word.
  10. Click on Table Design and unchec Header Row. Choose the light blue striped table.
  11. Select each question (Q1, etc) and give them the Heading 1 style.
  12. Add a header and footer (see sample).
  13. Upload to Scribd and tweet the link.

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