Process: Update galleries with better titles

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The big picture: I want to put in better captions for images so that people can browse and search through them more easily. This information might not be in the filename, and besides, the automatically-generated filename is hard to read.

Information needed from me:

  • Which gallery to edit
  • Lastpass shared account credentials for


I’d like to know how much time this takes you per gallery, so please time yourself. If you aren’t sure about how something is spelled, continue with everything else, and then e-mail me parts of the image that you were unable to read (plus your best guess). You can use the Snipping Tool if you’re on Windows 7. 

  1. Log on to with the provided username and password.
  2. Hover over Gallery in the left sidebar and click on Manage Gallery.
  3. Click on the name of the gallery you want to edit.
  4. Title: Change the title to a title that’s properly capitalized. Use spaces instead of dashes where appropriate. (Ex: quantified-self-2012 becomes Quantified Self 2012).
  5. For each of the images:
    1. Change the alt text to the human-readable version (properly capitalized, using spaces instead of dashes, indicating title and speaker – look at the image if the filename does not include it). You may find it easier to type the titles into a separate window while viewing the image, then copy and paste them after viewing the image. In general, the titles should be of the form Talk title – Speaker name(s). If there are multiple talks, use a semicolon between each talk: Talk 1 – Speaker 1; Talk 2 – Speaker 2
      • Example for a single speaker: 20120915-nancy-dougherty becomes Nancy Dougherty
      • Example for multiple speakers, one talk title: Opening Plenary – Gary Wolf, Ernesto Ramirez, David Maskin, Robin Barooah
      • Example for multiple talks, multiple speakers: Reverse Mood Tracking – Dr. Alan Greene; Quantified Creativity – Amy Robinson; Quantifying Seat Time – Mark Leavitt
      • Hind Hoboeika, Jan Peter Larsen, Natalie McKeever, David Albert,

        Yasmin Lucero, Anne Wright,

        Paul Abramson

    2. Copy the alt text to the description field (the text area below the text field).
  6. Click on Save Changes.

E-mail me when you’re done with the galleries specified, and tell me how much time it took.

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