Emacs Chat: Conversations about an awesome text editor


The Emacs community has a lot of amazing people, although we rarely get to meet face to face. It’s great to get a sense of what people are like, so here are some casual chats with other Emacs geeks. =) Want to talk about Emacs? I’d love to hear from you!

Want to subscribe to the podcast? Feed: http://sachachua.com/blog/tag/emacs-chat/podcast


  • Joon Kwon

    Please continue! I would like to see more of their setup and configuration files.

  • M.

    Cool stuff. You should get RMS to chat with you about Emacs.

    • Maybe. ;) I think he’s famous enough, though! I’d love to reach out to more people who might not have their own platforms for sharing what they’re learning – people who don’t blog or podcast or speak in public as much, but have amazing things to share.

  • Anonymous

    Thankyou, thankyou, thankyou so much for doing this.

  • Hi Sacha,

    The Avdi Grimm chat seems to be missing from your list

    • Good catch! Fixed pagination on the list. =)

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  • Mike Fisher

    Sasha, I love the podcast! http://sachachua.com/blog/2014/12/emacs-chat-karl-voit-2/ seems to be missing from the feed.


    • Added, thanks! Serves me right for using both categories and tags…

  • Wow this is a great resource! I just switched to emacs about a month ago and love hearing some of the bright lights in the emacs world chat about it! Please don’t let this podcast fade :) I know it’s a lot of work (I’m a podcast co-host myself) but it’s totally worth it :)