B1XUpdate category.php and class.php to allow early registrants to register.
B2XLoad the earlyreg sql.
B3XFix the darned line37 bug.


1. acp bugs

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Gosh, today is stressful. I thought I'd finished all the bugs already, but of course there's always one more bug - probably caused by my, ahem, editing earlier. Lemme see if I can convince mom to let me go back early. I am such an idiot!

Just remember, Sacha. Even big, well-known companies like Microsoft have bugs. Serious bugs. Bugs that let people get away with stealing other people's money.

Alright. Today I'm going to clean up my schedule...

I've learned a little more about emacs. Right now I feel really, really sleepy, so I'll probably turn in soon. I have to learn more about the different tools I have on my system, but let's take care of my requirements first!

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