1. Kathy'll be off to Africa RSN

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My middle sister Kathy is leaving for Africa Real Soon Now. Nice!

2. Restored iPAQ

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Good karma: Restored WinCE on the iPAQ so that she could use it. Procedure was pretty uneventful and not as scary as I thought it would be.

3. Theology oops, classes --- school

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Bad karma: Didn't do too well on my Theology test because I hadn't read the assigned readings. How embarrassing.

No classes last Monday and Tuesday because of typhoons. My only class tomorrow is a free cut because the teacher needs to be somewhere else. No classes next Monday and Tuesday because of some elections.


4. Wearables

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Apparently the mini banana plugs for my wearable display battery are quite rare. CE guys are looking for it.

Slowly finding other wearable enthusiasts and sharing resources. We may yet see a research group here.