1. Laptop hard disk still dead

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My laptop hard disk is still dead, but I'm surviving.

2. Online submission system

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The online submission systen I was hacking together works, and I'm now just fiddling around with ideas for the next one.

3. Cool mom and Linux

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Ooh! And I tried walking my mom through the process of getting the Linux box at home on the Net and ssh'able - they turned it off last night and I'd forgotten to tell it to automatically run ssh and ddclient. I love my mom. It takes a really special mom to have to deal with all of those cryptic Linux commands...

I hadn't quite gotten it to work - guess I forgot something pretty major - but hey, it was really wonderful of her to try.

I can't wait to actually get it working. =)

I'm actually tempted to set up one of those shared screen things....

So tough luck, guys, I win the coolest mom contest. ;)

Special thanks go to my parents, who have been incredibly supportive not just during this time of crisis but all throughout my life. =)