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1. Planner is actually quite useful. So is emacs-wiki.

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2. Religion, friendship, whatever

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Today I had a rather deep discussion with Paolo Venegas about - of all things - religion, or my lack thereof.

On another note, this person scares me sometimes (but in a good way). He's learning LISP and PHP, absorbing so much information at such a rate. I find this encouraging. He'll probably catch up in a short while, but in the meantime I'll try to do whatever I can to help him learn more.

Today, too, I was quite pleasantly surprised. Turned out that I didn't actually lose one of my best friends - Eric Vidal. We just had a slight misunderstanding.

Today I learned more about Emacs, too. Emacs is fun. Emacs is good.

Sleep is good, too.

I'll be more coherent when I wake up.


Woke up. Overslept for my class. Oh well!