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B1X15m Get another copy of the readings (Hi166)
B2X1h Create navigation logic (CS178.Module)
B3X1h Create templates (CS178.Module)
B4X2h Make notes on the previous readings (Hi166)
B5XE214A: Lost Internet settings. (ACENT)
B6XE105B: Changed to correct IP - formerly (ACENT)
B7X30m Tweak emacs-wiki so that it publishes to different directories.
13:00 Get another copy of the readings and grab lunch
13:30 CS21A
15:00 Hi166
19:00 Dinner with Mario Carreon and Eric Vidal
20:00 Check room 214A (Ana Rapes)
20:15 Daisy 105 - ACENT#E105B

1. Emacs-wiki and my CAI module (education, cs178)

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Emacs-wiki is cool! The CAI module is slowly taking shape at http://cersa.admu.edu.ph/~sacha/wiki/Introduction.html (Update 2003.09.24 - Cersa is no longer publicly accessible, and besides, my ~ on that is long gone. The old conditional stuff can still be found at http://sacha.sachachua.com/cs21a_if/index.html)

Much work was done today. I found a case-fold-search bug in erc-button.el, and delYsid took care of that. I worked on my CAI module some more. I'm learning how to use edebug.