16:00 IBM meeting at Eastwood?

1. Digitaltour interview

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Bayanihan .NET project
we made a generic framework that allowed computers to work together. something like SETI@home or like distributed.net, but more generic. so grid computing
Assistive computing
What am I trying to do?
put together
speech synthesis
instead of braille output
wearable computing
taking it a step further instead of having this wonderful and empowering environment only when you're seated in front of the computer, in front of the desk, I want to make that available everywhere.
that's actually how I got started
I'd been reading about wearable computing for a long time, and one day I decided to The hardware was fairly expensive - $200 for a keyboard, would you believe that? - but when I started walking around with it

Not a new idea - notetakers.

specialized computers like the Braille notetakers enjoy long battery life and good ease of use. they're expensive. they're delicate - hardware failures mean you have to ship the entire unit back to the States.

third - and most important for me - is they're not very modifiable. You can't extend their functionality. You can't add new programs. You can't really customize what's there.

I can work with old laptops - maybe with broken screens, maybe the laptops on the second hand market. I can also work with advanced technology, and this is where wearable computing comes in.

Assistive technology is a very I have much to learn from the people

call for help
want to make a difference

2. Philosophy notes

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We're going to stick to the objective of the course, which is to achieve a clearer understanding of the relationship between faith and reson Key insight of the essay Relationship of reason to faith according to the author of the essay

3. Meeting with Richard Burgos

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Richard Burgos Randy Weisser Atriev - they work with STI. One floor here they conduct their classes for blind children and college level fun. Listen to the teachers, who are also blind. When we took on the project proposal of rftb to conduct the blind - 20 high school students. More on than the branding. open the minds of the people who don't know that they can make an impact. Very simple. Just a syntesizer. That just reads to them on the screen. workshop - teaches the software offer the facilities. some classrooms that are connected to the Net, outfitted over two eeks they learn how to create digital files, postings, edit, copy, paste, create tables, do spreadsheets... and the second week and they go on the internet. first time the experience the internet they are physical experience a lot of information like a whole new highway. it's just wonderful. we brought in the press. glowing articles about it and as acommunications program we submitted that program to te program to a numbers some awards there's a big gap that we can fill by working on this. real lives and real technologies enabling their own handicaps. photos of first batch victor ukranian. went on a scholarship to Temple University. wife was a graduate student in oriental languages.. between the two of them the leel of discourse ... quite patient... significant trips was to go to a computer store with Victor.. very portable and very light, quite cheap, but he didn't no serial port... resources for the blind larry campbell we're doing it again. mayet. technical person. The first timewe did it, we wanted to focus on the IBMers... Sometimes IBMers tend to think we're okay. and that we don't really need a lot of things. napaka smug. We wanted them to feel that there are really a lot of people there who are very needy. Opportunity to walk around. orientation. by bringing them into the building incredulous there were some tutorials that some ibmers volunteered to they gave a lot of money for the lechon and the guests the funny thing is that we ordered the lechon through the internet... even if you're blind, you can get things done. e-commerce. mind-opener. this summer the ibmers went overboard. We didn't want to just dole out food. something that owould outlast the training. talking watches? or walking canes. foldable canes. we actually were able to give all the participants one watch each, and we raffled off 10 canes. There was one person who gave an MP3 player. They really appreciated it. Even the tutors - because they bought a thinkpad. so they leaft behind their old laptops to the students. more than that we want this to be part of our community relations programs. maybe this year, neighboring countries bring attention to the fact that not helpless. just can't see. They can process the information in their heads just the same way we do.\stoo much of an insurance risk, so actuarial mathematics. action agenda. they want to help. two girls who came for the opening. they saw it and they came afterwards. we are event organizers and this was in august. about october, they were organizing at that taime an IT fair in Virra mall. We like your program. We'd livke to give you free booth space in Virra Mall for two weeks. On the condition that we would feature access technology. attrieve. Growing group of young students who are blind and actually use technology. For the organziations, it was like.. kaya pa we should be more marketing oriented. use the media in order to tell more people about the good things you're doing your objective is to uplift the blind. the other group of people who attended that first day of coummputereyes were the rotarians. on their own, they initiated programs to provide used computers to high schools JAWS. IBM provided the software. nippon Overbrook/Resources for the Blind/DECS Philippine school for the deaf and blind prizes for the most outstanding composition... Mayet. how to relate to blind people. nestle philippines manager went to a trip to Switzerland just a few years ago. Winter. wife is an IBMers. The cold actually detached his retina. he became blind overnight. All of a sudden he was just sitting in a corner. so slowly he has regained his computer skills thanks to this community he has since retired, but he has found more utility for himself opportunity for IBMers to serve and be giving of themselves some singing. press releases publicity mileage report workshop output they were taught how to HTML link. They posted their own websites. Victor Tsaran, Ukraine Tony Llanes, Philippines hosted by edsamail preudices that they experienced ICT Show 2001. 700 people who filled out information sheets - any way they could contribute Danny ALvarez Velarde was the name of the peson in Switzerland get them into university courses. new president very much supportive of computer eye.s. the first project attended awas the teachers' conference. what is the teachers' conference? introduce computers to young chidren 4-7 years old teaching science, math, reading... takking your course the whole setup that you had one of them had to take the course, but after wards she was'nt available any more... we have 34 kids this year - preschool and elementary november 20-22. holiday inn. teachers' conference - elementary and high school.