Priorities - A: high, B: medium, C: low; Status - _: unfinished, X: finished, C: cancelled, P: pending, o: in progress, >: delegated. Covey quadrants - Q1 & Q3: urgent, Q1 & Q2: important
A1XReorganize mail
A2XRead new Philosophy readings (Ph104)
A3XFind out how to tweak Emacspeak punctuation (ThesisProject)
A4XDecide between major or minor mode (ThesisProject)
A5XGet Nemeth examples (ThesisProject)
A6XFind out where the Pos100 handouts are. (Pos100) - separate folder
A7Xwithdraw money
A8XPick up a copy of the acetates and readings (Pos100)
C1XFix planner create task on date page.
14:30 15:30 Th151 at SECA-117A

1. From the Philosophy handout just distributed today:

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"A human being who is weaned from all attachment to internally unstable pursuits such as love, sexual activity, power-seeking, and money-making is automatically at the same time rid of many of the most common grounds of value conflict. In part, the superior harmony of the philosopher's life results directly from this reduction in the number of his or her commitments. The pursuit of mathematics and the pursuit of love will not come into conflict for a mathematician who does not care about love or a lover who does not care about mathematics. But the philosopher or mathematician's particular choice of content contributes powerfully, too, to his harmonious condition. He chose these pursuits precisely because they were always available and did not require any special conditions for their exercise. He can think about theorems in all kinds of circumstances; they are always available for his activity, regardless of his political circumstances, regardless of the activities and attachments of other human beings. So how often will he be forced to make a painful choice? The self-sufficiency of individual pursuits leads, then, to a reduction in conflict."

Interesting thought, isn't it?

2. About the LinuxChallenge

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I'm going to go nuts. Actually, I'm going to be cramming tomorrow. Not good. I don't think I'll win it, but it's worth a shot anyway. I'll probably be able to get some form of parsing up and running - ignore the context-sensitive ones first, make that a TODO.

Good thing I found a basic Nemeth math reference, but calculus isn't covered. Will have to pass by Resources for the Blind. Hopefully they have ASCII Braille.

3. Got hungry.

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I get really hungry when I'm cramming/thinking/coding. Good thing there's plenty of food in my room. Brought out the corn flakes and the choco stuff. Observation: I am a cereal programmer.

4. Mail

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I spent a fair bit of time reorganizing my mail into gnus fancy group splitting thingamajigs. Wasted time, since I'd actually done this before but hadn't backed up my config. Grumble grumble.

It's not easy juggling 75 mailing lists, but I manage with Emacs. ;) Must check into how much time I actually spend reading mail and whether I can arrange to swap digests with a friend instead - not that I know anyone who's even remotely into the sort of stuff I do.. Must find other geeks with similar interests.

5. Tomorrow

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Wake up, fetch mail. Get parsing and propertizing done in the morning, so that satisfies part 1 and most of part 2. Go to Philosophy class at 1:30, so that it's straight class until 6. Record audio. Add keyboard shortcuts in the evening, satisfying part 3.

6. Wireless notes

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Need to set up a funky ssh tunnel thing.